Friday, July 15, 2011

Berserkers Forward

I went to Heroes HQ in Mockville NC last weekend to get the World Eater reinforcements. I took some of my World Eaters along to get in a game of 40k while I waited.

My basic force was 1500 points and consisted of
Kharn the Betrayer
Three Eight man Khorne Berserker squads in rhinos
An eight model Khorne terminator squad
Two spawns (which I forgot to bring so I proxied them with half of an old daemon prince and most of an old rogue trader blood thirster)

My opponent was playing orks and had

A warboss with power klaw
two twenty strong shoota boys mobs
three killa kans
a ork biker squad with a nob with power klaw
a fifteen model stormboy mob

We rolled for deployment and scenario getting Dawn of War and Seize ground.

I set up first and placed Kharn and berserker squad in a rhino in the middle of the table. The ork player placed one shoota mob in a ruin on the right. I moved the rest of my forces on concentrating on this shoota mob.

the other shoota mob including his Warboss holding down the far right.

His turn he brings on the kans and his biker squad to my right.

His stormboys move up behind the ruin on my left to get in position to charge my Berserkers.

I received my Terminators on turn two and they drop in close to the Ork Bikers. I place the heavy flamer close enough to flame some bikers and kill a couple.

The bikers retaliate and surround the terminators. They fire up the terminators and I fail three saves.

Before the rhino gets destroyed by the kans, Kharn and the Lads get out of the rhino . Just in time to be charged by the storm boys.

The storm boys charge but Kharn still goes first. He kills two stormboys and one berserker, but that berserker was just slowing him down anyway. The surviving Berserkers throw twenty one attacks, hit with fourteen and did twelve wounds. Only two stromboys survive to swing back and fail to kill any Berserkers. The Stromboys run and the Berserkers cut them down.

The shoota mob left the ruin and charges into the spawn.

The Ork Warboss runs the shoota mob forward and the charge the terminators along with the bikers. The Warboss is too far out and has to watch the fun. The Terminators ignore the shoota boys and put all their attacks on the bikers, killing all but two bikers and the biker Nob. The bikers and boys attack back killing two Terminators. The Nob swing at the same time as the two terminators yet to fight, one with a power fist and one with a chain fist.

The Nob misses with three power klaw attacks and fails to wound with the one that did hit.(Anything but a One!) The Terminators swing back and kill the Nob and the last two bikers.

The Warboss Piles in to get his chance.

Top of turn four I set up Kharn and his squad and another Berserker squad to charge the left side shoota boy mob. I figured up I would throw sixty six attack on the charge with fourteen of them being power weapons. Then I paused. The ork player wasn't having any fun I had busted both of his heavy hitter squads and was about to butcher another one. I asked if he wanted to keep playing or call the game and he agreed to call it.

We talked about the game a bit and then I asked to finish out the fight between the Warboss and the terminators. I had a terminator champ with a lightning claw and managed to put two wounds on the Warboss. The warboss swung back and killed all three terminators.

The ork player was willing to continue the game but I have been on the other side of a bad game and think calling the game was for the best.


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