Friday, August 5, 2011

World Eater Warband progress

I haven't been posting must lately because I have been devoting my hobby time to the World Eaters build up. I have been working on several test lists for the First War for Armageddon re fight this November. Once again I will be fielding the forces of Chaos but instead of my normal Death Guard plague marine force I will be fielding my World Eater Khorne Berserker army.
My goal for the game is around ten thousand points. My plan for the berserkers, at the moment, is to field eight squads of eight berserkers in rhinos and two twenty model squads on foot lead by Kharn the Betrayer. That comes up to about three thousand five hundred points. After picking up some more Berserkers and bits I have built up my original force to fill out this plan.

Twenty seven of Angron's finest. These are some of the newest recruits to the army and many still need a few finishing touches before base coating. All are armed with a close combat weapon and bolt pistol.

My original group of Khorne berserkers with a few I repaired and rebuilt from the recently acquired bits. All these are also armed with close combat weapon and bolt pistol. this gives me seventy two ccw and pistol armed berserkers to build up my squads.

The command models and special weapons. I guess I shouldn't really say special weapons because the only weapon is plasma pistols. I had eight plasma pistoleers to begin with but built another twelve to give me enough for ten squads. This also shows the two icon bearers, I swapped a plasma pistol from my original one so now both are armed with bolt pistols. I also added a chaos standard to the new one I acquired. I plan to run them in the two twenty man squads. For Aspiring Champs I have seven armed with power weapons, seven armed with power fists and one as yet undecided. I am still debating on whether to go from an even mix of power fists and power weapons or max on on one or the other. last is my Kharn the Betrayer model. I have broken it apart to give him a better paint job for the big game.

I have been debating on fielding the Maelstorm of Gore apocalypse formation. Basically it gives three plus squads of Khorne berserkers fleet of foot if they stay within twelve inches of the leading Chaos lord or Kharn the Betrayer. It also has a chance to stop enemy forces from using fleet of foot because of the rain of gore. I can have one of the rhino mounted squads be the third berserker squad or I can build another twenty man squad. The idea of Kharn leading sixty berserkers across the battle field (to their probable doom) is stuck in my head. I have enough bodies for the twenty but will need to scrounge some more close combat arms from regular chaos and imperial marines.

Some more of the army will be a Vindicator Linebreaker squadron with four tanks, an eight man khorne terminator squad, a couple daemon princes, four khorne lords on juggernauts, nine chaos spawn, a World Eater dreadnought and a land raider. This gets me to about six thousand five hundred points. Still shy of the target ten grand.

My answer to break the magic ten grand mark would be a full strength Traitor Shadow sword Domination force. This includes six leman russ tanks, two hydra flak tanks, nine sentinels and four armored fist squads in chimeras. The trick to this formation is that the Shadow sword can pass hits on it to one of the surrounding vehicles and they can pass it down from Leman russ to chimera to sentinel. A full strength force tips the scale at around three thousand two hundred or so points and will put me over the ten grand mark.

The list is still in flux, I am debating on including Raptors, chaos bikers and/or obliterators. I feel that I will take allot of casualties early on and these forces will allow me to have something still on board late in the game. I am also working on some khorne daemons to either use or loan out for some one else to play.

The good thing is I already have all the models I plan to use on hand. The bad is I still need to assemble a bunch and then even more need to be painted.



sonsoftaurus said...

For the gore apoc formation thingy you could go for 3xunits of 16 on foot instead of the 2x20 + 8 and not have to work in more models.

ColKillgore said...

Good idea Sons. I guess I was fixated on the twenty man squads. I figured they would need the extra bodies to lose so some might make it across to table. Sixteen is also a favored number for Khorne (not that it matters rules wise anymore) and adds to the flavor of the list. I need to rework the numbers in the list for a new total.