Monday, August 29, 2011

Azazel and other Daemon Prince WIP

I have been working on some more Daemon Princes I had in my bits box. One was missing its head and the other was missing a leg. The head for the first one I believe I used on another model but the missing leg was missing when I received the rest of the model in a trade.

I rummaged around some bits boxes and came up with the head to a newer Daemon Prince and pinned it into place on the old Daemon Prince torso.

Here is a shot with the basic green stuff support.

Here is a better shot after building up the neck a little more. I took it slow and had to reposition the head to make sure that the new head would miss the wings that will eventually be put on the model.

A last shot of the neck. I have started adding details but still have a good bit to go.

The second model is the old Azazel Daemon Prince missing a leg. I originally thought about a green stuff tentacle leg but I found some old steed of Slaanesh extra legs.

Here is the chosen replacement leg. It is a left leg, which for some reason I have four extra left legs for steeds of Slaanesh. I, of course, was missing the right leg of Azazel.

I cut the steed left leg just above the knee and used some brass wire to form the armature for the new thigh. It took many adjustments of the wire to finally get the pose right. Then I glued down the feet.

The basic greenstuff form of the new thigh. I still need to add many layers to build up the thing but I feel good at where it is going so far.

I want to finish these to use in the 1st War for Armageddon game in November but only time will tell.



sonsoftaurus said...

Nice work, esp. with the leg.

ColKillgore said...

Thanks, I have made more progress but need to get some pictures posted.