Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tilean Warband Refitted

I built a couple more models for my Tilean Warband in the GameOnGw Mordheim League. First is my new and improved Captain. He was originally armed with a rapier but after three game of not hitting a lick on anything. The first game had him put out of action by a zombie, second game he was almost knocked out by an ungor and third game it was a combination of a zombie and a ghoul that had him down but not out of action. He did get an advance which gave him a four toughness but needed a change of equipment. The warband had acquired a set of light armor from a treasure hunt scenario so I picked up a helmet, shield and sword to go with it. The rapier was put in storage for when the Captain can go back to style instead of utility. Below is the new captain. I still have to set the arms in their final position, add a bit more green stuff to the underarm gaps and once painted glue on the shield.
Here is the new young blood with his shiny hook hand to replace to one he lost in the last game. His two handed hammer has gone into storage and he has been reequipped with a sword from the warband stores.
The last picture is of the dark man all painted up. He is a nemesis for Prospector Bob in the ongoing Pulp campaign. I am still working on a back story and a proper name. I am contemplating calling him "Skull". The idea comes from a sergeant I knew during my military service. Everybody called the sergeant "Skull". He was a big guy and a hard core weightlifter who had won several of the bodybuilding competition on base. He also had to get all his uniforms tailored because his arm wouldn't fit through the sleeves of the issue uniforms. My curiosity got the better of me eventually and I asked "Why does everybody call him Skull?", the answer was "Because he wants to be called Skull."
I could see him as a "Skull" but I need to think on it more.

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