Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mordheim At the Cage

Well the League has started and I went to the Cage today for a few games of Mordheim. The first game for my Tilean warband was a skirmish against Tony's Undead. It ended as a loss for me after failing a rout test. I wouldn't call them Highlights but my Captain being taken out of action by a zombie before swinging one blow, another champion being knocked out of action and a warrior being killed. The champ ended up missing the next game. The next was against Shaun and a loaner beastman warband. I fared a little better and won this game. A highlight was the crossbow shot that knocked out the beastman leader and then the rest of of the band routing off of the board. The last game was a rematch against Tony's Undead. Another loss for me after a voluntary rout to save several of my knocked down or stunned heros before they took out of action. I managed to get some extra wyrdstone but one of my youngbloods had his arm amputated.
I had a lot of fun and can't wait for the next mordheim day. So off to the work table to build a new youngblood model with a hook for a hand.

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