Sunday, October 4, 2009

Russo Japanese Naval Battle

Here are the pictures from the 20 September 09 battle fought at the Cage in High Point NC. They had a 40k Tournament going on in the back ground but they didn't bother us and we showed them what a real game was. We played the game using the Fire When ready Grimley ruleset.
Simple enough the work and detailed enough to keep it interesting. The sides were Schout-bit nacht ChuckarooBob leading the Czarist oppressors and Vice Admiral John Bay-san and myself leading the Japanese Liberators.

Japanese Squadron Start position
Russian Fleet Start position

Russians Close the gap.
The Japanese see the Russians in the distance.
Japanese Destroyers make their attack run on the Russian battleships.
Battle Overview
After, First blood to the Russians. Scratch on destroyer.

Russian Destroyers close to make their attack run on the Japanese Battleships.
Vice Admiral Bay-sans cunning Flank attack closes on the Russians.
Russian Destroyer mix it up with the Japanese Battleships.
The Fleets close to switchblade range.
The Russian Battle line cross the Japanese T.
Admiral Bay-san brings the big guns to bear on the tailing Russian battleship.
The big guns tell and leave the Russian Battleship,
Dead In the Water.
End Game. Almost all the destroyers on both sides either sank or disengaged. One Russian battleship dead in the water and Admiral Bays-san trying his best to send it down for good but it just won't sink. The Russians concentrate their fire on the damaged Japanese battleship and leave it,
Dead In the Water.
So a Marginal victory for the Japanese turned to a draw. The game ran smoothly except for the turn the boy decided that he didn't like the Russian dispositions and moved the fleet to where he thought they should go. Luckily I had taken a picture right before hand and was able to move the ships back close to their positions. The models are 1/600th scale models from old glory,I think. Chuckaroo had spent a busy week to get them all assembled and painted for the game. I know he has more ships and once he gets them finished we will play a big game.

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Chuckaroobob said...

Hi Kids, Yep, the ships are Merrimack Miniatures from Old Glory, 1/600. They were easier to build then I expected. "Fire When Ready" turned out to be a pretty neat rule set, although the gunnery of that time period was woefully bad. It takes a lot of killing to damage these big ships. I had the game in the bag until the cowardly Bays-san got a lucky hit with a torpedo! Obviously a weapon for the weak! Real Men use Big Guns!