Monday, October 5, 2009

Pass of the Hidden Valley of the Golden Tablets

Following the events detailed in Dawn Patrol in the Hindu Kush. Ace Pilot Sly Mcfly has joined Sgt Booker with a couple of Citroen half tracks, a small army of Turkish mercenaries, all backed by an Askari crewed Mountain Gun to head into the Towering peaks of Kyrgyzstan and lead them to the valley concealing a secret military camp and Zeppelin base . Mcfly and his wing man Jimmy Dell Hoyt had confirmed to presence of LZ93, the dreaded airship Invective, moored at the air base in the valley. Their wire to Prospector Bob had resulted in Sgt Booker arriving with a small army and orders to find the pass. After weeks spent traveling deep into the frozen mountains Mcfly finally recognized the landmarks and lead the force into a treacherous defile that opened up into a narrow valley filled with thick vegetation and many amazing creatures. McFly was sure this was it but Booker was spooked, something wasn't right here. Booker Ordered the Turks to spread out and had the Askaris manhandle the mountain gun up a low rise to give a better view of the valley. Unknown to them Warlord Ping Pong had set a guard on this pass and the defenders were waiting for McFly and Booker to fall into their trap.
the Chinese command Post
Chinese MG 08 overlooking the pass waiting for the Turks to show themselves
Booker and McFly conferring about the mysterious valley while the Askaris finish setting up the mountain gun.
Turks lined up at phase line Hookah
The Turkish line advances,
Warlord troops advance up the pass to cut off the Turks.
McFly mounts the half track and follows the Turks up the valley
Booker mounts up and follows the Turks up the other side of the valley.
First blood to the Chinese. The Warlord machine gun crew spot the advancing Turks and bowl several over with a deadly accurate burst.
The Machine gunners continue to suppress the bottom of the hill but the Mountain gun is out of range.
The Chinese lieutenant orders his troops forward and takes one last swig of grain alcohol then falls over dead.
A rustle in the grass and "AAAAHHHhhh, SNAKE!!" a giant snake crawls up to the Askaris and they flee from it and the gun.
Turks and Warlord troops close into range.
The Turks advance into the mouth of the pass only lightly defended by the Warlords troops.
Warlord Squad lead by A sergeant armed with an Mp18 opens up on the Turks.
The Askaris recrew the mountain gun and get the range of the Machine gunners.
The machine gunners decide to move the gun down into the pass to get a better angle at the advancing Turks not because the Askari cannon had ranged them in.
McFly Moves up to Inspire the Turks.
Deadly firefight in the jungle continues.
More Turks advance on the Warlord Flank.
GRASS FIRE!! those damn Turks and their cheap cigarettes.
Did you hear some thing? OH NO, IT IS THE BLOOD MONKEY!!!
The Blood Monkey makes his choice and carries away a Turk for a afternoon snack.

What is that noise? OH NO GIANT RHINO!! The Askari gun captain falls dead from fright and the rest of the crew flees.

The Giant Rhino claims the hill before wandering off.

Sly McFly Dismounts and joins the fighting.

The Warlord troops drunk and raging, fix bayonets and charge McFly and the Turkish survivors. McFly stands his ground and calmly shoots down a string of four bandits while the Turks dispatch the remaining stragglers.

More Warlord Troops advance to finish off McFly and the Turk survivors.

What is that noise over there? GIANT SNAKE!! again The Last two Turks from their squad flee.

The Giant snake crawls on looking for a slower meal.

A curious porter lights a "Dynamite" brand candle killing himself and destroying the half track.

Booker joins the fight in the slaughter hole and finally kills the giant snake.

McFly Is Down !! McFly takes a bullet and goes down hard.

Booker looked over the situation. The Chinese were regrouping, Mcfly was down and he only had a handful of battered and bloody Turks left standing. He hated it but it was time to withdraw. the Turks loaded Mcfly and as many wounded Turks as they could find and started the trek back down the mountain. Booker looked back and thought "This pass might be well guarded but there has to be another one somewhere and he vowed to find it or die trying."
This game was played at the Basement of Heaped Miniatures using the Sword in Africa rule set. Chuckaroobob played the Turks and I played the Chinese. It was my first game of The Sword in Africa and it was a hoot. I am looking forward to the next game. The special happenings really added to the game, some good some bad. The most memorable are my commander falling dead, the Turks unable to shoot because they were Muslims and a rumor has spread about swine grease on their bullets, The great white amazon leading off bunches of Turks and my machine gun crew in to slavery, the Turks setting a grass fire, sinkholes opening up and swallowing my troops, a porter blowing up the half track, the rhino, the damn giant snake and THE BLOOD MONKEY!!!!
I can't wait for the next game.


Chuckaroobob said...

Hi Kids, I'm here to tell ya, this game was a hoot. "The Sword in Africa" was included in the back of the book in one of the editions of "The Sword and the Flame," it uses smaller units and has about 3 pages of random encounters based on flipping a deck of cards. A lot can happen, and most of it is bad!

sonsoftaurus said...

Sounds like a hoot!