Sunday, November 8, 2009

Apoc-Eclipse Battle in Durham

I went Saturday to Durham to play in a massive Apocalypse/Plantestrike hybrid battle put on by Matt P and the Apoc-Eclipse gaming group. It was held in the Durham TechShop conference room. We had eleven players fielding abut 125000 points.
The table was set up in a U shape with Curt's massive spaceport as the center point of the Imperial Defences. Setup was delayed abit because of some forgotten table tops but we managed to sort it out after digging up more tables from around the shop.
The Imperial right set up with some of Chuckaroobob's shadow sword being deployed by Jerry.
The Imperial center dominated by the spaceport. The slender white structure in the lower right of the picture in one tower in the Eldar Titan mover.

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