Sunday, November 15, 2009

GameOnGw Games Day

On 14Nov09 I attended the GameOnGw Gamesday at The Cage gaming space in High Point, NC. I took my Mordheim Tilean war band and some of my Pulp figures to possibly use in ChuckarooBob's planned Great War game. I packed everything the night before and was halfway to the Cage when I realized I had left my camera so sorry no pictures.
I chatted with the lads until Chuckaroo showed. I got the Italian paratrooper light machine gunners and another Italian paratrooper heavy machine gunners Chuckarro had picked up for me at Fall In. We set up and then played a rousing game of Great War ran by him. It was early war with the Brits verses the Turks. It was a meeting engagement were but the Brit made it to cover and stayed so us Turks had to root them out. I controlled a Turkish company and 2 machine guns. I moved up, set the machine guns and manage to decrew the only British Field gun but then had a platoon of Turks decimated by British grenadiers. My commander charged in to slay the Grenadiers and killed several before the British command charged in and killed him. The Grenadiers went on to charge my two machine guns while the British command watched them go. The last grenadier destroyed one of the machine guns but died in his attempt. British cavalry arrived behind the turkish positions but were beaten off in a vicious close combat. This I left the Turks with a Marginal victory. Chuckaroo played another Great War game but I broke out the Mordheim figures for a couple games.
My first game was against Mike and his Dwarf band. I helped him get his band together and then we played an ambush scenario were by band was spread out all over the table and some off table while Mikes's dwarfs showed up on a random table edge. They showed on an edge near one of my warriors and were in combat by the second turn. Mike proceeded to rapidly put three of my models out of action and I had to start taking rout tests. the dwarfs are just tough as nails and I had to get lucky to put one down. What followed was about an hour of hard core Mordheim, with me making more than sixteen rout tests before I finally failed and bolted.
The next game was a four player game using the pool Scenario. There was a pool with a pile of wyrdstone shards in it in the middle of the table. The goal is to search the pool get the shards and get back off of the table. I took the honor less dog approach and jumped the closet war band, which was Shaun W's Reiklanders, while my heroes made a dash for the pool and searched for shards. I put several of Shaun's guys down and he ended up routing off the table. I found three of the possible six shards and decided that was good enough and left the table so the last two players could fight over what was left.
I had a great time at the games day and look forward to the next one.


Chuckaroobob said...

Hi Kids, I forgeot my camera too, but JB remembered his and took some snaps. Hopefully they'll show up here sometime. At any rate, I had a bucket o' fun at The Cage, and to top it all off the two games of GWGW seemed to go with nary a hitch. Although the "Cursing Die" seemed to be a much bigger hit than I expected. It's just a blank D6 with assorted mild curses inked in; such as "Crap", "Boo-ya", etc.

sonsoftaurus said...

The pics I took are up over at the GameOn albums. Scott's of course welcome to put them up here as well!