Sunday, November 8, 2009

Apoc-Eclipse Battle Xenos forces

Here are some pictures of the Xeno forces that were field in the game.

First is the scratch built Tau Manta. This thing is huge and made from foam insulation, plasticard and bondo.
Here is the rest of the Tau Air force. Four tiger sharks again all scratch built.
Her is Matt's scratch built Eldar super heavy called the Star Dragon.
The Box O' Harlequins. 60 of them are mine with 10 loaners from MattP.
Part of my Eldar including The Barroth's Tempest Formation with four swooping hawk squads. I brought this with the intent to surprise the Imperial ThunderHawk expected to show.
My Vypers and Harlequin Venoms. I played the Venoms as Vypers.
Matt Jorgenson's long thin line of Eldar.
More of MJ's Eldar forces.
MJ's Seer council conversions and a Saim Haine jetbike squad.
Horde of Wraithlords surrounded by Matt P's transports and Fire Prisims.
Matt P's Phantom titan, Warlock Titan, two Tempests and a Revenant scout titan.
My Phantom Titan and two Tempest super heavies.
Matt's forces after some deployment. The line of troops in the front is fifty Fire Dragons including Fuegan and a pile of Wraithguard.
A classic, the armorcast wave serpent.

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