Friday, April 25, 2014

Wip Zombie Handgunners for Oldhammer

In building up for my Oldhammer game against Chuckaroobob I decided to field a unit of arquebus armed skeletons. After a bit of research I decided skeletons might not be the way to go. On the other hand some Zombie arquebus troops were just a bits box raid away.

After raiding the "Closet of Doom" I came up with ten prospective Zombie hand gunners.

This model came in a ebay lot, complete with broken handgun and foot. I cut the broken piece of foot off and glued it to a base. I drilled out the handgun so I can pin a barrel on later. Then I sculpted the foot.

From the same evil bay lot, these six didn't come with handguns, but I had a plan.

One thing I do have is a hand full of the mordheim blunderbuss bits. Trim off the arm and then pin it on, easy right?

The first head swap, the zombie hnadgunner template. I used a long pin and set the zombie beside a regular handgunner to get the height right. Then I cut the arm on a mordheim blunderbuss bit and went to glue it on and it didn't fit. The hand were too far apart. I knew I could carve off the back hand on the blunderbuss glue it on, then sculpt one back on, but I went back to the bit box instead.

The bounty of the bits box, an outrider repeating handgun. I picked up a box of bits at the last GameonGw Gamesday at Gaming Underground in High Point NC. It had a bunch of the plastic outrider bits that finally came in handy. I trimmed off the arm and it was almost a perfect fit. I pinned it on and just need to add a bit of green stuff to fill the gaps. I will play it as an arquebus but whats not to like about a Zombie with a Gatling gun.

How the conversion was supposed to go, head swap for a zombie head and pin on a blunderbuss after carving off the second hand. Just eight more to go.



Don M said...

A truly twisted product of demented mind...well done! lol

ColKillgore said...

Thanks. I think they are going to be neat when I finish them.


Chris said...

Great looking conversions. I love the comical old zombie bits from GW. These could look right at home in Mordheim too.