Monday, May 26, 2014

Almost Steampunk? or the Goodyear blimp in Concord NC

It has been a slow gaming month but I hope to get some more content up soon. In the mean time I went with SWMBO to Concord Mills mall in Concord NC to get materials for a secret project for the young master's birthday party. We gambled going down because the History 300 nascar race was going on at Charlotte Motor speedway less than a mile away. If we timed it wrong and the race let out before we left, we could look forward to an hour or more in traffic just to get out of Concord.

I so happened to have my camera with me and managed one good picture of the Good Year blimp flying over the speedway about a mile away. I didn't make the race but I still get excited every time I see a blimp fly over.


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Chris said...

Just like a hawk circling, a blimp is a good omen, unless it's the Hindenburg.