Monday, April 21, 2014

Oop Carrion Riders for Oldhammer

I finally managed to get the oop Carrion and riders out of the simple green and cleaned up.

I wanted to put them on the old style hexagonal flying bases but I didn't have enough so I used some brass rod and pinned them to 40mm bases. I pinned the heads to the torsos and ran a pin for the riders through the  top of the wings. Unless they take a drop from the table to the floor, they should stay together now. I still have to fill the gaps with greenstuff and add a few details.

The lot came with two riders with broken scythes. One of the scythe blades was included and I have pinned it back on and you cant really tell it was broken now. The second rider was missing the scythe blade so I needed to come up with a blade. I found one of the old style skeleton scythe bits that was missing its handle. I trimmed off the bladed and pinned it on. I trimmed it down a bit but once it is painted it will blend into the unit.

I have been working on the models for the 10k Undead army. I have a bunch of models assembled and ready to prime, I just need a a good weather day to get some priming done, then the painting will begin.


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