Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spanish-American War Bulgarians Tiger Minis

Hi kids,  Once again I have actually painted something!  WOW!  (Not that the paint jobs are wow-inspiring, but the fact that I'm painting might be.)  These Tiger Miniatures have been lurking in the Basement for a couple years, maybe 5 or so, and it just seemed like they were ripe enough to go ahead and get 'em combat ready.  Got a tub more of 'em still waiting.  Maybe someday....  Yes, the title of this post is a little misleading; as far as I know no Bulgarians were in the Spanish-American War.  Tiger makes both.  Painting makes strange bedfellows.
 The sealant is barely dry!  These 10 guys are Tiger Minis US Rough Riders from the Spanish-American War.  Its a project I've been haphazardly working on for awhile now.  I have enough to put on some games, but who knows when I'll get a chance to do so?
 A little farther out, so we can see the entire mob.  Tiger makes a Teddy Roosevelt fig, too!
Long time readers might remember the world famous East Transdniesterian* Border Police, my Pulp Imagi-nation unit from way on back.  I bought these Tiger Minis Balkan Wars figs cause they looked the part.  Now they have officially joined the ranks as gunners!  I think they were originally Bulgarians.  They come in groups of 5, but the others were posed to sit on arty pieces and I haven't decided if I want them permanently glued to guns or not yet.  After all, my guns have to serve many masters.  You never know what time period or part of the world you'll be playing!
*Yes this country really exists, sort of.  Part of Moldova went rogue, not sure if anybody bothered to recognize them or not.   I think they were printing their own money.  Maybe Putin has already taken them over. 


DeanM said...

Nice looking figures and painting. Good to see you're painting up your collection.

Chris said...

I just recently got some Boxer Rebellion Japanese and Moro Tribesmen. Perhaps your cavalry could lend a hand in the ongoing Neptunian Conflict? Don't have any cavalry yet, do you know of any manufacturers that have good reptilian mounts in 25mm?