Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Street Racing with the Chuckster

Hi Kids,  Holy Cow, can it be true?  Old Man Chuckster going street racing?  Don't believe it 'til you see it.  All my friends say I drive like a little old man.  Anyway, if I were to go streetracing this is the machine I'd be doing it in.  It's a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, named Evy of course.  Named after the character Natalie Portman played in the awesome movie "V."  No, not the TV show.  Everyone knows V is the second best movie ever made, second only to "Jaws."  You might not agree, but then you'd just be wrong.  So why am I posting about my car?  Because it's paid off baby!  Oh yeah, after 5 years of writing checks Evy is 100% mine!!!   It only took 28,000 miles.
All the kids nowadays are always changing stuff on their cars, the only thing I swapped out on Evy was her exhaust system.  The originals sounded like a 10 year old boy farting through a straw, so I installed Magnaflow cat-back pipes.  She's got a pretty good sound now, but nothing outrageous.  I've been up to the "Tail of the Dragon" US 129 (320 curves in 19 miles or something crazy like that) a couple times and plan to go back soon.  Can I get a "Hell Yeah?"


Death Salvo said...

LOL another 40k player with a EVO X!! I thought I was the only one :)

eriochrome said...

The day you stop paying the note on a car is the day the tranny falls out. My wife has been making noise about a new car so I might get to upgrade my 15 year old escort to her 9 year old malibu.

ColKillgore said...

Hell YEAH!!!!!