Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall In 2013 AAR Part One

Hi Kids, Last weekend was Fall In, the smallest of the HMGS-East cons, and the Chuckster and a few of his minions made the 400+ mile 8 hour trek to the show.  Why?  Cause we're Real Hardcore Gaming Men.  (And all you lads in the Northeast chunk of the country who absolutely refuse to drive 3 hours to Fredericksburg for Historicon can take that anyway you like.) (I was also bemused to watch them pump raw sewage out of one of the restrooms, across the main lobby, and out into a sewage truck parked outside.  Yes, truly the Host is without blemish.)  In my humble opinion attendance seemed on the light side, and there were above average game cancellations, but it was still a great con! I forgot the camera on Friday, but took some shots the other days.  Let's go ahead and look at some pictures!

 First off is a couple shots of a really impressive 25mm ACW game complete with river boat action!  The same figs/boats made an appearance at Historicon, too. Scratch builders, I salute you!

 This Vauban style fort was part of the same setup with the river boats.

Nearby was a Japanese war in 25mm.
 A couple shots of the flea market on Friday.  The mob was a little smaller than normal, and I think the whole weekend went by without anyone being crushed.  Still a brisk trade went on.
 No surprise here, the Flames of War tourney was well attended!
 Yeah, those are Lee/Grant tanks out there.  Some gamers have all sorts of courage and raw guts, God bless 'em!

 Yeah, I know what you're thinking: this guy needs more tanks!  Don't worry, there were quite a few more out of the shot.
It wasn't all 15mm FOW, the 25mm lads had their time in the sun as well.  Here we have a few shots of the Bolt Action (aka "Satan's Rules") tourney.  I've always been a huge fan of The One True Scale.  Wasn't one of Featherstone's Rules "Look down on those who game in other scales"?

 Nice looking army, waiting for the balloon to go up.
 Js-2?  Seems a little light.  Was the ISU-152 broken down?  Not all "Tiger Boys" are German!
 25mm Ancients.
 A shot of the Tourney/Flea Market room from the staircase. Ancients in front, DBA to the right, Bolt Action near the columns, and FOW is the big group in back.
 Out in the lower lobby in front of the Finkroom was a huge 10mm Gettysburg wargame.
 Yep, that's the Devil's Den, looking north.
 Flat terrain and buckets of figs!  Oh yes, that's the way!  Be still my heart....
There were a handful of games using sunken terrain, this one was Dr. Who.

 And the next table over, The Doctor is in trouble again as the Deleks rampage everywhere!
 Gotta have a shot of the Dealer Room.  You'd need a fisheye lens to get it all. Can you hear me Flag Dude?
 Ok, this is the only picture of Gnome Wars.  I swear.
 Looks like 25mm in the 1400's or so...
 1/72 WW1!  Curse you Red Baron!!
 In a galaxy far away, a long long time ago...  Wait a minute, isn't that Earth?
 Europe in the middle ages.  Autumn.
 Some more of that sunken terrain.  This stuff does look really cool, but must take up a huge amount of storage space.
And a final shot of what looks like the Spanish Civil War in 25mm.  It could also be the Russian Civil War, or maybe even a Very British Civil War, but I'm thinking Spain.  If it's got a T-26, it's got to be good!

So that's it for this installment.  It's been pointed out to me that a huge number of pictures slows down everyone's download speed, so I'm trying to limit these reports to 20-30 pix.  There are still about 60 pix still to go, so stay tuned the next couple days for the rest.

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