Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall In 2013 AAR Part Three

Hi kids,  Here we are with more Fall In shots!  This trip I didn't take notes of which shot was which game, so this might not be 100% informative, but them's the breaks.  Let's see what's going on......

 Fighting sail in a major way!
 Horse drawn cannons and American flags.  Looks like ACW.
 25mm Nappies I bet!
 More of the same.  Anybody recognize those buildings?  I would love to buy some of those!

 I'm thinking Carnage & Glory, since these units have identification numbers.
 Great fort!
 Steady lads!
 Meanwhile in deep space...  There can be no peace as long as Kirk lives!
 Is there anything cooler than Klingon cruisers?  Doubt it.
 Wow!  Some guys can really take this hobby HNL!  A "hole nutha level"!

 When you're finished with the ACW, use the same terrain for Middle Earth!
Aviation games!  Check Your Six?  Air Force/Dauntless?  There's just something cool about airplanes!

 Of course, navy games tend to be cool too.  Looks like the destroyers are going evasive!
 Saga.  Or maybe Pig Wars.  See any goofy dice?  Then maybe it's Pig Wars.
 Gnome Wars.  How did this shot get in here?
 Go west young man, and seek your fortune.  Or rob a bank, and get someone else's.
 Let's see; steam tractors, armored cars, French Foreign Legion, dudes riding dinosaurs and a statue of Cthulhu.  I'm going to take a wild guess and say "Pulp!"  I need to get painting!
 More Fighting Sail action!
 Dystopia Wars in deep space!
 Can't have a show without Battletech!
 I don't remember seeing guns like this before!  Pretty spiffy!  Might have to use them in OGRE!
 WW2, the Huns hanging out near a village.
 Not really sure what's going on here, but the terrain is awesome and all the lads are having fun!
 Two shots of some impressive terrain!  Fighting in the middle of a volcano?  Why not?

 Forces of Mars and Earth clash.
And a final shot of some 25mm Ancients, cause there's nothing cooler than a honkin' big phalanx!

I had a lot of fun at the show, and managed to keep spending under control too!  I highly recommend the HMGS-East cons, regardless of location you are bound to have a great time!  So start saving your pennies now, check the car's vitals, and get your butt in gear!  There's only a couple months before Cold Wars 6-9 March 2014!  Don't make me come lookin' for ya!

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