Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall In 2013 AAR Part Two

 Hi Kids!  Time again for some pix of the action at Fall In 2013.  Brace Yourselves!  Massive fortifications?  Check!  Looks like trouble in the Eternal City, Rome!

 There's some action in the crumbier neighborhoods, too!  I think there are two buildings on the map not quite ready to collapse.  Good job men!  Send for more ammo!
 Steam and Victoria!  Awe inspiring terrain and bizarre machines, what more could a Hardcore Gamer want?
 Yeah, the citizens will soon be wishing they had paid those higher taxes and built taller walls.
 Trojan Horse?  Think they're going to fall for that one again?
 Holy Cow!  Low level in a Buccaneer, its gotta be South Africa vs. Cuba in the Angolan War.  Amazing as it may be, I was in this game as the SA Commander, so there are a lot of pictures of this one.  "I Ain't Been Shot Mum" by Two (or is that Too?) Fat Lardies.
Meanwhile on the other end of the board, some Puma transport helicopters show up to pick up the troopies.

 The South Africans prepare to tackle some Cuban T-34/85's making a dash for the landing zone.  Meanwhile numerous "blinds" continue to sneak all over the place.
 On the main road into the camp, an SA Mirage blasts a Cuban force, narrowly missing the Cuban Big Man who is riding in a jeep.  Air support was about 99% of the SA firepower.  The only thing the ground forces had was 10 RPG shots.  Yes, I'm serious.
 SA gets lucky with an RPG-7 and takes out the lead tank.  Some of these tanks would be penetrated over and over, with only minimal damage.  Bummer, I know.
 The tanks reach the wide open field, ready to start blasting the Pumas still on the ground, who are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting for their cards to come up.
 The Bucc pilot going overtime.  Someone must have told him the he was 100% of the SA firepower now that the 10 RPG shots have been expended and the Mirages had departed.
 SA troopies head toward the choppers.
 Holy Cow, another pass.  How many times do you have to bomb these guys?  Does IABSM have morale rules?  80% losses and the Cubans are still coming!!!!
New targets on a new turn, the BTR-152's receive some hate mail.

 Bias?  Hmmmm......  Assistant GM called this a flat roll, killing one of my lads on a result of "6".  Looks pretty cocked to me, as it's on a terrain piece at a 45 degree angle.  Not that I'm bitching or anything.....
Remember that famous saying, "No matter how bad things are, they can always get worse"?  As if the tanks and BTR's were not enough, a platoon of Cuban MG gunners turns up on the other side of the landing zone and get off some cheap shots, just in time for the Bucc pilot to pound them, circle around, and pound the BTR's again.  Bucc pilot was awarded every medal in the GD book!

 Going for the record!  At one point this SA unit had 13 shock markers.  That's what happens when 5 heavy machine guns on tanks and APC's shoot for 5 turns.  Kinda wished I had some kind of weapon with which to shoot back, but the infantry had run out of RPG's.  Guess we'll just hope the Bucc card comes up.  This is pretty much how the last 90 minutes of the game went. Of course, it was an Intellectual Victory for the SA Forces!  Cuba sued for peace after the engagement, once they realized there were only four Cubans left alive in all of Angola.
 Gotta have the massive Warhammer 40K game.

View from the other end.
 Remember the movie "Them"?  1950's atomic ants grow to amazing size and move into the LA sewer system.  Fire teams go searching, hoping not to find...
 Closing in on the nest....
 Wargods of Aegyptus.  Gotta get to painting, my army has languished for too long!
 War of the Worlds!  Martian tripods, steam tanks, and all in beautiful 15mm.  Looking good!
 The Earth forces before the shooting starts.
 15mm World War 2, looks like the Brits are taking on the Huns!

 Ancients in 25mm, nothing looks better than a big honkin' phalanx!
Ooooo...  don't tell me,  I'll get it....  Looks like 25mm ACW action!

Hope you're digging the pix, only a couple dozen to go.  Same bat-time, same bat-channel!

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