Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Southern Front Convention Part 3

Hi Kids,  Time for the third and hopefully final post about Southern Front.  Hopefully some of the local-ish gamer lads can make the pilgrimage in the future!  Let's see what we've got....

Let's start out with the French Foreign Legion vs. the zombies in the forbidden city!  The FFL had to fight it's way to water, while holding off droves of zombies.  25mm at it's finest!  Little did they know that the sound of gunfire attracts the undead.  Unfortunately for the zombies, they never learned to duck and cover when the grenades start bouncing around.

The fighting gets hand-to-hand, the only way a zombie can fight...
As the zombies pile on the wounded, a nearby legionnaire tosses a grenade into the dogpile.  The undead become seriously dead!

Dystopia Wars, by Spartan Games.  Looks like the Prussian fleet.  Although it could be the Brits.

Another satisfied gamer demonstrates his pleasant demenoir and thrill to be a part of all the fun!  Looks like those 25mm fantastically painted indians should be taking a few more scalps.

Fun for all ages, it's Brigade Games' "Gnome Wars."  This range was started to give young kids a game all their own, but it's popularity has grown way beyond that!  You can get all sorts of gnomes now; Sikh, Germans, Brits. Most appear to be the ww2/colonial era.  The list goes on and on.....  I especially like the war elephant.

Toad Cavalry.  Could be 25mm Eureka figs, but I'm not sure.  They turned up in one of the Gnome War games.  Eureka also makes Teddy Bear Napoleonics.  I dig their new modern Rhodisian Light Infantry and Delta operators, too!  And did I mention their ultra-modern French Foreign Legion?  Oh man they are way cool!  Go buy some!

Well what do you know.... The indians have been surrounded by the settlers and militia!  I wonder if somebody will ride to their rescue?  Maybe if they had invested in a wagon train they wouldn't be in this tight spot!

A siege game.  Looks like the lads are spread pretty thin up on that wall....

Hope that dragon rider is playing defense, otherwise that wall ain't gonna do anyone much good.  He doesn't look very friendly, though.

Looks like the FFL going back into Zombie Central.  I can tell it's the beginning of the game since there are so many of them still standing.

Flames of War, looks like the Brits in the desert.

Did I post this shot already?  Anyway, this is the "official" recognized-by-Battlefront Flames of War tournament.  20 players showed up to duke it out for some nice prizes and recognition!  Saw some awesome paint jobs, too.  Lots of Tigers, though.  God hates Tiger tanks, boys.  You gotta come into the light!

One of the most original games of the show, it's Bruce's submarine game!  It's played on plexiglass, the surface vessels move around on top, while the subs maneuver below.  You can just see a sub at the end of the orange ruler, closing in for the kill.

The view from the other side.  Sleeping with the fishes!

Well, that's it for this installment.  This show as just about everything, including a raffle with 40 great prizes, everything from Madonna magazines to painted 2000pt FOW German armies.  And you can choose which prize you want by putting your tickets in the specific bag for each prize, so if you really really want the painted unit of 25mm FFL, you just put them in that bag.  No danger of winning the porcelain buddha by mistake!  They usually have a few vendors, too; like Recreation Conflict, Sash & Sabre, Hanger 18, Outland of PA, Yadkin Valley Games, The Game Connection, and Falcon Miniatures.   So put it on your calendar for next year! Raleigh, NC! Do it!  Don't make me come looking for you!

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ColKillgore said...

Foreign Legion versus Zombies. This sounds like a game we need to put on at the Basement of Heaped Miniatures.