Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hydra Tutorial Part 3: Gunner's Cradle

Here is the final instalment in my Hydra turent tutorial, where I build the gunner's cradle and add some final details.

Parts Needed

7.9mm styrene angle

6.4mm styrene square tube

1.5mm x 3.2mm styrene strip

.5mm styrene sheet

1mm styrene sheet

Sentinel pilot

small radar antenna from space marine vehicle sprue

Assemble the sentinel pilot.

Cut three pieces of the 7.9mm styrene angle 15mm long.

Glue the first piece to the bottom of the pilot. This is middle piece pictured above. Then glue the next piece onto the rear of the pilot butted up the the piece already glued on the bottom. Finally slide the last section up under the feet and glue it to the styrene behind it and the legs to its front. you might have to take a couple breaks to let everything set before going onto the next piece.

From the 1.5mmx3.2mm strip cut a 5mm piece and a 10mm piece.

Glue the 5mm section to the top of the 10mm section. This will eventually the the gunners head rest.

Trim down the edges of the small piece to make the head rest and shave down the longer piece so it will fit between the gunner and the styrene angle.

Slide the head rest behind the gunner and glue it down. Dry fit this before you glue so it will fit.

Next cut a 15mm piece of 6.4mm square styrene tube and glue it to the styrene angle on the back of the pilot.

Slide the gunner onto the 4mm tube already on the other side of the center pylon. There is a good gap and you will need to cut a couple shims to keep the gunner in place when the gun moves. Once you get the shims glue the gunner onto the 4mm tube.

Cut the 4mm tube off flush with the end of the 6.4mm square. Take a piece of scrap 1mm styrene sheet and cut a piece big enough to cover the end. Glue it down and trim it down. then Greenstuff the gaps around the join.

Assemble the radar antenna and glue it to the end, keeping it level with the gun.

This will be the ranging radar for the gun mount.

Take the 4mm tube you cut off earlier and shave down one side. Insert it into the top of the center pylon and glue it into place. Be careful so that no glue gets onto the tube through the pylon so the gun will still move. Use some more greenstuff to close in the gap at the top of the center pylon.

Next I dug around the bits box and came up with a headlight from a toy truck. I trimmed it down and then mounted it on top of the 4mm tube. This will be the search radar for the gun.

I found a scrap section of .5mm styrene sheet and cut out a 10mm x 7mm piece. I bent the piece around and exacto knife handle then glued it to the receiver. I went back with a little greenstuff and filled the gap around the edge. This will be the spent ammo chute cover.

The gun looked plain so I took a section of scrap styrene strip and glued it on top to add a little detail.

I though about adding some bits but I decided they are good enough. Time to get them primed, painted and back on the table.


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Chuckaroobob said...

Looking way cool! Makes me almost wish I had that kind of talent, but at the rate I work I'd never get anything finished. C'ya, Charles