Monday, October 10, 2011

Southern Front Convention Part 2

Just when you thought it was safe to come out of Minas Tireth....  Lord of the Rings in a Big Way.

The ghosts join the party outside the walls.

The walls of Minas Tireth, all sorts of undesireables demanding entry!

Way out in back, two superheavies crank up and approach!  Maybe I should go ahead and build the one I bought oh so many moons ago, cause they look sweet!

The Great Circus of Rome, chariot racing in 15mm, straight out of the Avalon Hill game "Circus Maximus"!  Possibly the most violent of all sporting events.  The guy who finished first crossed the finish line sans chariot!  Still call it a win!  About half the competitors ended up in the morgue.

25mm American Civil War, or is that the War of Northern Aggression?  I can't keep them seperate.

Quite possibly the strangest game of the show, a crazed turkey farming cowboy goes on a rampage in the turkey coop!  It's the classic "A Fistful of Turkeys" converted to miniatures!  Can Billy Jack thread his way between turkey poop, angry bees, decoys and some p.o.'ed fowl and still do some of them in?  Published about 20 years ago by "Some Turkey Games"  (aka Steve Jackson perhaps) you might be able to find a copy at Troll and Toad for about US$100.00.
A close up of the action as the turkeys close in for the kill!  Billy lies helpless on the floor.  Don't panic folks, while the turkeys can stun the crud out of our hero, they can't do any real damage.  But if Billy waits too long, it's a lost game.  "Planet of the Turkeys" could be the final result.
One of the many games of Firestorm Armada, the space age rules set sweeping the galaxy from Spartan Games.

The competition on the other side of the parsec.

A nice peaceful morning on battleship row, Pearl Harbor.  Whats that buzzing sound?

One of my favorite troop types;  Phalangites!  And lots of 'em!  These are 15mm Pyric lads, about the go toe-to-toe with the Russians,  I mean Romans.

You can't have a con without Battletech!  These are a few of the 20+ figs rampaging around the table.  For some reason, the other side seemed deathly afraid of the 35 tonners.  Go figure.

Hmmm.  WW2 Aviation, but is it Squadrons, or Red Sun Blue Sky, or...?

A close up of one of the Krauts.  Looks like a HS-129, but I could be wrong.  It happens!

Some 25mm Rebels crossing some poor farmer's cornfield.  You'd think they'd be more considerate!

The long view of the approaching column.

Ok kids, that's it for this installment.  The computer's acting all wonky and I'm afraid all this will disappear.  If everything works as hoped we should have the final pictures in part 3.

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Michael Awdry said...

Great to see the Lord of the Rings game; these are the figures that got me into the hobby in the first place. Great stuff.