Monday, October 24, 2011

Hydra Tutorial Part 2: Gun Assembly

Here is the second part of the Hydra turent Tutorial. This cover building the gun from styrene tube and mounting it the already assembled base.

Basic parts

3.2mm styrene tube

11.1mm styrene tube

9.5mm styrene tube

a wheel lug from the ork wheel sprue
The barrel from a bic ink pen

Start with the 3.2mm tube. Cut six three and a half inch sections and a single one inch section.

Assemble the longer sections around the shorter section. I put a good bead of glue around one end of the short piece and added the longer pieces to it. As you add a piece add a touch of glue to each section. Then get them even and set it aside for the glue to cure.

While the barrels cure, take the 11.1mm tube and cut two sections, one half an inch long and the other, one and a half inches long.

The longer section goes in the rear and will form the receiver. The half inch section goes onto the front to hold the barrels together.

Make a mark in the center of the receiver.

Drill a 4mm hole.

The gun assembly them mounts onto the 4mm tube that runs through the center pylon of the base.

I raided the bits box and picked out a lug from the old ork wheel sprue. If you don't have any of these laying around you could substitute the lug from a space marine bike wheel sprue.

Take the lug and glue it in the end of the 4mm tube. You might have to file down the inside a bit to make it fit.

This is what we have so far.

Take the 9.5mm tube and cut a half inch section.

Glue the 9.5mm piece inside the rear of the gun assembly.

While the glue cures dig a Bic round ink pen barrel out from your bits box, remember never throw anything away.

Cut an inch long section off of the back of the pen barrel, keeping the plug in the barrel.

Slide the pen barrel into the back of the gun assembly and glue it down with some superglue.

this is the basic assembly of the gun section.

Come back for the last instalment with the gunner's cradle and finishing details.


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