Friday, January 28, 2011

World Wide Apocalypse Game Mid Game

The Battle Continues

The Ork Bikers race around the Imperial Flank.
Space Wolves drop in and run a Silver Skull squad off of the table.

Robert's first Reaver falls to the Chaos guns.

The Warlord Titan sizes up the Imperator.

Imperator gets a close up.

Magnus the Red and his retinue of Greater Daemons arrive through a warp rift.

Tyranids close into the Imperials.

A squad of Plaguemarines advance with Tyranid back up.

The guants scuttle over to reinforce the Thousand Sons terminators hold the Imperial objective at the feet of the Imperator titan.

A Thunderbolt strafes the Silver Skulls Thunderhawk.

A second Thunderbolt strafes the second Silver Skulls Thunderhawk.

My Surviving Terminator Chaos lord continues to fight an Imperial Dreadnought.

My Nurgle dreadnought leaves the Plaguetower and assaults a Silver Skull Rhino, while a plaguemarine squad assaults the Silver Skull Razorback.

More Spacewolves drop in the Silver Skull backfield.

The Dreadnought destroys the rhino but fails to injure any passengers, while the Plaguemarines destroy the Razorback.

The Chaos Lord trades Blows with the Imperial Dreadnought.

Plaguemarines and tyranid Warriors assault one of Steve's Imperial Dreadnoughts.

More Terminators drop in the middle of the field down on the Titan end of the table.

Renegade Thunder Wolf Cavalry advance behind a Space Wolf Land Raider.

Magnus assaults the Imperator, stumbles and falls on his own daemon weapon. Matt P rolled a one for the number of attacks with Magnus's Daemon Weapon.

A trio of Lictors arrive on the table.

They climb to the base of the Imperial Defense laser and manage to stun it but not destroy it.

The Ork Bikers after finishing off a group of Silver Skulls.

Silver Skull Thunderhawk Lands and starts to deploy troops.

Both Thunderhawks landed each deploying a sternguard squad, a terminator squad and a dreadnought. A terminator Assault squad also drop in between them .

Curt moves up his White Sword Special squad and assaults my Plaguemarines on the objective in the building.

Randall fires the Thunderhawk cannon at the plaguetower but the shot scatters back onto his own troops.

The scatter kills all but one model in Randall's squad.

White Sword squad charges into My Plaguemarines.

Silver Skull Terminators assault my Plaguemarines while the Silver Skull Dreadnought assaults the Immobile PlagueTower.

Sternguard and Terminators assault my other Plaguemarines on the far right objective.

The Plaguemarine weather the storm and continue the fight.

The Plaguemarine manage to survive again.

I took a pounding on the second turn as Curt and Randal spring their trap and swarm the two objectives I had Plaguemarine hunkered down on. The big surprise is that both squads survived. The big plus is their defensive grenade cost their attacker the extra attack for charging and their pesky five toughness. It looked bad but reinforcements were on the way.

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