Wednesday, January 26, 2011

World Apocalypse Game Forces

I participated in the World Wide Apocalypse game on 22Jan11. The game was organized by the Apoc-Eclipse apocalypse gaming group and played at All Fun and Games in Apex, North Carolina. It was my first trip to All Fun and Games and I wished that I lived closer. I had a great time playing, catching up with old friends and took many pictures. I plan to break the pictures up and do a series of posts about the game.

The battlefield while we started setting the terrain up. The table was twenty five feet by six. All Fun and games really came through with the gaming space because they also had a pokemon tournament and a World of Darkness roleplaying convention going on the same day.
Randall's Silver Skull Marines and Thunderhawk transports.

The Leviathan. I not sure who's model this is but Steve used this during the game and lit my forces up several times with its fifteen inch template quake cannon.

Matt P's Warlord Titan. He was actually only the second largest titan on the table.

Matt P's Khorne and Slaanesh chaos Reaver Titans with his Chaos warhound behind them.

Jerry W's Tyranids including hie cashe of the old armourcast big bugs, a Dactylis, two Exocrines and two Malafactors.

Jim's paper Thunderbolts. These are some amazing models and he had a whole selection of other paper goodies.

Curt's White Sword Marines.

Matt P's Chaos Thunder Hawk.

Jonathan's Gue'vesa Guard. They are mostly the death corp of kreig troops back by a Malcador, Valdor and Minotuar tanks.

The other half of Jonathan's Gue'vesa and their Tau masters.

A part of John's Ork horde.

More of Jim's paper models, this time a couple Land Raiders. Through a mix up in Imperial transmissions his Space wolves would end up fight on the Xenos side with me.

My Nurgle Terminators, a Nurgle Dreadnaught and three squads of plague marines I had riding in the Plague Towers.

The rest of my force. Three Plague Towers, a Chaos land Raider and four more squads of Plague Marine. Missing is Matt P's Mortarion model I planned to use. Mortarion missed the transport so I went into the game down on points.

Robert's three Imperial Reaver titans.

Jeff's scratchbuilt Warhound.

The legs of Jeff's Imperator titan. An amazing model that would pour out alot of pain in the coming game.


Shaun Watson said...

...wheres the top half of the Imperator Titan?

The Belgian, said...

Wow, what a masse of units and especially heavy units!

ColKillgore said...

The Imperator was still being assembled and I moved on to start deploying my forces. I have a couple shots of it on the table that I will post up later.