Wednesday, January 26, 2011

World Wide Apocalypse Game Early game

The beginning of Turn One. The Xenos won the roll and took first turn. The majority of the titans lined up on the more open other end of the table. This left John's Orks, Jonathan's Tau and Gue'vesa , a sprinkling of Jerry's Tyranids and my Deathguard holding the objectives on our end of the table, Facing an overwhelming force of Space marines and guard fielded by Randall, Curt and Steve.

The center Plague Tower deployed with a Plaguemarine squad using it for cover and another Plaguemarine squad deployed in cover on the objective. They are supported by a couple of Jonathan's Tau tanks.

The left Plaguetower also with a squad walking behind it using it for cover and another Plaguemarine squad in cover sitting on the objective.

The enemy Silver Skull Baneblade being escorted by rhinos.

The Titan end of the table. Matt's titans are joined by his silver tower and a horde of Jerry's gaunts.

Some of Jeff's imperial guard preparing for the coming Tyranid onslaught.

Steve's force of Imperial guard, Marines and Leviathan.

Curt's White Swords waiting for the storm.

A better View of the Chaos Line of Death.

A scratch built Ork Skullhamma'

The Tyranids run into the Imperial Guns.

The Silver Skulls deployed in depth to repel the Xenos.

The Orks Waaauuggh and close on the Imperials.

More ork support backing up Matt's Titans.

Jim's paper Land Raiders provide rolling cover for his thunder wolf cavalry.

I originally planned for this squad to be a titan hunter squad. A Chaos Lord with a chain fist leading a squad of four terminator champions with chain fists mounted in a land raider. All the titans were far away so I sent them into a group of Steve's Dreadnoughts.

First round of combat and I only damaged two of the dreadnoughts.

A good hit from a plague tower destroys a silver skull rhino.

My first two casualties of game, killed by a dreadnought, but far from the last.

A Silver Skull Thunderhawk arrives and finds a target too good to be true. Bombs Away!

The second Silver Skull Thunder hawk arrives and and drops a bomb on the Plague Marines guarding the objective.

The Bomb Hits!

And leaves few survivors.

The Quake cannon from the Leviathan hits behind the center Plague Tower.

Jerry W standing next to Jeff's fully assembled Imperator Titan.

The First round left both sides bloodied but more was coming.

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