Sunday, January 30, 2011

World Wide Apocalypse Game Endgame

This is the ending of the World Wide Apocalypse game the Apoc-Eclipse gaming group organized at All Fun and Games in Apex North Carolina on 22Jan11. The last turns of the game turn to a maelstrom of destruction.

After fighting four rounds of combat with one Imperial dreadnought my Chaos lord finally wins and follows the Hive tyrant up toward the squat tech priest and his retinue.
With the chaos war hound and Silver tower destroyed the Chaos Thunderhawk lands near the objective.

The Gue'vesa Hades Breaching drill arrives and the squad of Engineers run down to assault several tanks parked in the Imperial rear.

One of the Silver Skulls Thunderhawks will fly no more, finally downed by Tau gunfire.

The Thunderbolt squadron targets the Silver Skull Baneblade parked on the Imperial objective.

My Doom bringer formation arrives with one squad of terminators destroyed and one squad delayed.

The Thousand Son Terminators move up to assault the Imperator titan.

Robert's Surviving Reaver Titan.

My Chaos Lord attacks the Squat Techpriest and only manages to kill one of it servitors.

Genestealer reinforcement arrive from the board edge and swarm the Silver Skulls.

My Plaguemarine wiped out last turn are avenged by the Ork and Nurgle dreadnoughts.

The aftermath. All the Silver Skull terminators down and the dreadnought damaged.

Gaunts and proxy Tervigon defend the Chaos objective.

The surviving Silver Skulls ThunderHawk comes back to strafe a Plaguetower.

The Leviathan moves up on top the Imperial objective while Plaguemarines and Tyranids fight through the wall of tanks.

Legion of the Damned drop into the Xenos backfield but scatter from the objective.

Squat demo squad attacks the Gue'vesa Macharius.

Grey Knights move up before they butcher my Terminator squad.

Scratch one Plaguetower. The Imperial finally down the first Plaguetower which explodes killing more Imperial models than Xenos. This lead to the center Plaguetower surviving the game with one structure point left. They didn't shoot at it their last turn, worried about it exploding and killing even more troops.

The genestealers having finished off the Silver Skull Dreadnought in the imperial turn charge toward the contested objective.

Fighting continues at the feet of the Imperator titan.

Success for the Xenos, the Imperator is destroyed.

The Xenos force clear the far objective. The Dreadnoughts consolidate on the objective while the genestealer continue after the surviving Silver Skulls.

The Lictors make it to the top of the Defense Laser tower but still only manage to stun it and stop it from shooting the last turn.

Plaguemarines manage to hold the objective. The Imperial tried their best to shoot them off of the objective but only killed the Tyranids.
The Imperial did manage to contest the Dreadnought objective by running a squad up but they didn't take it.
The final tally of points was 96850 points on the table. The Xenos side had 64 structure points and the Imperials had 53 structure points.
The game went to the Xenos with a total of 21 objectives to the Imperial total of 16.
I had a lot of fun with few disagreements and look forward to the next Apoc-Eclipse organized game.
The one thing I took away from the game was the inspiration of Jeff's Imperator and makes me want to get my Great Gargant onto the table.

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