Friday, May 8, 2009

New Codex Blues

I was finally able to give the new imperial guard codex a good look and it rocks. I have been working through my models and figuring out which ones aren't usable, as they are, under the new codex. The one item that came to the forefront was all of the imperial guard models I converted to have stormbolters are no longer usable. It is either back in the box until the next codex or weapon swaps across the board. It looks like Col Elvo and his 4 veteran buddies from my adeptus mechanicus force are in for a change of weaponry. I also rounded up all my commisars and ended up putting 5 roguetrader era ones into the simple green. Most of the RT commisars will end up with different weapon loads, maybe some new arms and a new paint job when they come out of the green.
I have joined up in a summer 40k league. It looks like most of the games are going to be played in peoples homes and not in any store. With the Castle closing in Greensboro and Underground games closing in Charlotte leaves two less places to game. I have a game set up against Jim Barr's Word Bearers. I have worked up an AdMech (sort of) themed list to play against him. I plan to finalize the list later tonight, find the figures and then pack them for the game.
Tuna cancelled the Apocalypse game he was planning at Underground but is rescheduling it at Games HQ in Charlotte. The good thing is that I will probably not be oncall for the rescheduled game and be able to attend. I also heard from Matt P and he is tenatively planning another big game in Morrisville either in October or November.

back to the IG drawing board

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