Sunday, May 10, 2009

Army Pictures from 05/09/09

I forgot my camera but here are some pictures Jim took of my army.
The army in all its glory. The vendetta proxy is a Star wars die cast flyer. I picked up four of then years ago planning to use them as Valkyries in apocalypse games. Now they are in the codex.
The Psyker Battle Squads. I used all genestealer hybrids for the psykers and an Arbite Proctor for the overseer.

These are the skitari guardsmen I converted up years ago. They were originally built for Tim Huckleberry's homegrown Adeptus Mechanicus codex.
Heavy weapon squad from my no longer usable heavy weapon platoon. The funny thing about the new codex is that I can field allot more guns in the current codex than I could with the heavy weapon platoons in the last codex.
My Psyker Primaris. The model is a conversion I built for a special character in Tim Huckleberry's Genestealer cult armylist published in citadel journal. I have an old Psyker Primaris model painted up but I thought it would look more stylish and match the psykers.
Also it shows the Arbites I used as overseers for the Psyker battle squads.
Here is my Veteran Squad. these are a conversion I did for an Elysian drop troop army I built based on the army list published in White Dwarf. Again another army that went the way of the dodo when the last codex was released. The models are made from catachan legs, a trimmed spacemarine torso, spacemarine arms, scout biker shotguns and sentinel pilot heads.
My Inquisitor retinue and the Enginseer with his plasma cannon servitors.

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