Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Planning for next IG Battle

I have another campaign game scheduled on the 31st against John Bays and his Chaos marines at the new GameOnGw clubhouse in High Point. John is one to talk smack so I have decided to bring the pain, new Guard Codex Style.
I am leaning towards packing as many tanks into 1850 as possible. I am leaning towards 3 Leman russes with battle cannon and hull las cannons in one squadron. One Executioner with hull las cannon and sponson plasma cannons. A couple demolishers and a mix of either exterminators or Vanquishers till I get the magic number of nine tanks.
I am think the rest of the army will be a Company command squad with Straken, a daemonhunter inquisitor and retinue, A psyker battle squad, a calidus assassin, an infantry platoon and a vet squad. Last will be Mort Brandysnap, the Ratling Saint of Killers or my Sly Marbo Proxy. He is a rogue trader stuntie model, the original ratling sniper.

The second option I am considering is the "Pin them to the ground" armylist. This is one filled with mortars, snipers, pskers, and ratlings and of course Mort Bandysnap, Scourge of Chaos.
I plan to put some numbers to both lists over the weekend. My hopes for the contents of the tank army I think are a little high and I will probably end up cutting units but the the "Pin Them" army is wide open for additions.

On a Flames of War note, I have finished rounding up 16 15mm two and a half ton trucks for my soviet transportation battalion. This will let me transport 90 stands of infantry. I just have to finish cleaning up the models and get them painted.


Jim Barr said...

The initial armored plan sounds a bit much to fit into 1850!

Just three Russ-chassis tanks, some Chimeras and some fast hellhound type tanks with blast meltacannons or AP3 templates of doom would be pretty scary.

vs. CSM you've got a good chance to run into a lot of Fearless types, so I don't think I'd rely too much on Pinning.

ColKillgore said...

The main problem i seem to have is there is to many cool units in the new codex. I am having trouble deciding with ones to field.

I think I just want to field alot of ratlings. If I lose they beat the ratlings but if I win, them that is another matter.

Jim Barr said...

Even without chances for pinning, Ratlings are good. You've basically got a 36" range BS4 Rending Bolter shooting at marines, with bonus cover saves for the guys using them. :-)