Saturday, September 4, 2010

Destination Yunan

Near the Border of Yunnan province and Tonkin, French Indo-China.

Major Von Kraken looked at the precisely folded telegram that brought him here. It was from an agent in Hanoi he had following some of Prospector Bob's associates. It said " Mcfly acquired French Foreign Legion escort. Stop Leaving two days. Stop Destination Yunnan Stop."
Kraken folded the paper back up and surveyed the camp of warlord troops he had recruited. He would have preferred to have a platoon of his old stormtroopers but all he could bring was eight specialists to reinforce the regular Chinese infantry with their light machine guns. He had managed to get two infantry platoons, a battery of three field guns, a lone heavy machine gun and a sniper who came highly recommended by the Warlord.

First platoon and their two supporting field guns.
Second platoon with its supporting field gun, heavy machine gun and lone sniper.

Sly Mcfly his command half track and over strength platoon of French Foreign Legion.

The Legion approach the abandoned mission compound.
Major Kraken didn't know Mcfly's final destination but scouts from the local warlord had found his column and had been shadowing them for days. Finally I became clear that Mcfly was headed toward an abandoned mission. Kraken issued marching orders but he knew that the Legion would make the compound first. Kraken respected the Legion, well lead, hard fighters, dangerous to face on the field. He contemplated whether the Chinese would stand against the Legion, then he pulled his Luger from it holster and checked its action to make sure a round was in the chamber. He resolved that his troops would brave the Legions bullets or His, it would be their choice.

The Chinese skirmish toward the abandoned mission compound.

The Legion emplace their field gun on the heights above the compound.

Major Kraken overlooked the compound and wondered what Mcfly wanted here? It had been abandoned for more than forty years. Kraken raised his field glasses and quickly noticed the three statues down the center of the compound. He refocused his glasses and it revealed the curious symbols on the statues. He didn't understand the symbols but he had seen them before and knew that was what Mcfly was after. He quickly issued orders to capture the statues and watched as the Legion moved slowly into the valley. He tapped the machine gunner beside him on the shoulder and said "Target the infantry at the base of the hill". The gunner complied and Kraken watched through his glasses as a steady stream of bullets impacted around the Legion soldiers. Two legionaries fell, Kraken smiled and murmured "First Blood"

Chinese infantry rush toward the center statue and are suppressed by rifle fire.

Kraken watched as two squads broke cover and sprinted toward the center statue. Rifle fire from Legionaries in the woods knocked down a couple soldiers and left the squad stuck in the open trying to help them.

One squad makes it across and spots Mcflys Command Half track.

One squad made it across the street and moved to defend the statue. Then a rev of a diesel engine and the clank of tracks alerted them to the oncoming half track. They took aim and fired but it was to no effect.

Major Kraken down.

Kraken watched as one of his squads took a murderous fire from the Legionaries. The troopers huddled around a low wall as they were slowly picked off. Kraken pulled his pistol and walked out of the woods, yelling at the troopers to"ADVANCE" Then a burning pain hit Kraken in his side and he crumpled to the ground. He had been shot,it wasn't the fist time, as he lost consciousness he realized how beautiful the sunlight was filtering through the leaves.

A chinese squad moves up to claim the statue. Fire from the Chinese at the halftrack kills one of the crew.

Manning the half tracks machine gun Mcfly guns down several Chinese troopers.

Mcfly moves up the Half track to claim the center statue.

After a running gun battle, a Chinese squad claims the objective on the right.

At the left statue a lone Legionnaire makes a last stand. He fires twice and hits with both shots.

Then rolls two nines and fails to wound.
We called the game soon after this. The Chinese held two statues and Mcfly held one. We decided that the Legionarie didn't have enough troops to push the Chinese off of an objective and it was a matter of time till a field gun got a good hit on the half track. So another setback for Prospector Bob.
The game was played with the Disposable Heroes rule set. I used the Chinese lists from the Red Sun,Red Death book and Chuckaroo used the French foreign legion rules from the Futile Gallantry book. Major von Kraken and Mcfly were added on as officers with an eleven guts rating.
Chuckaroo and John Bays played the French while Rick Money and I played the Chinese.


Sigmar said...

That was brilliant :D I really enjoyed it. Very quirky and amusing. I may have missed something but why were they fighting over statues ?!

Keep up the excellent blogging and inspired gaming,

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ColKillgore said...

Sorry about the tease and no payoff of the story. Chuckaroobob and I have been running a Pulp Semi-campaign for a few years now. The basic is that Prospector Bob (a possible Nom De Guere?) International Man of Mystery and his associates are searching out the Golden Tablets of Hypocrates to use the secrets on the tablets for the good of humanity. He is not the only person searching for the tablets. At least one and possibly other groups are seeking the Tablets too. One group has employed Major Von Kraken, a highly decorated german ex-stormtrooper to help secure the tablets for their use, whatever it may be.
This sub story allows us to tie most of our pulp era games to a central story and add to the fun of the games.

ColKillgore said...

I didn't answer your question about the statues. The statues have symbols similar to the Golden Tablets that Von Kraken has seen before and must be a lead to the location of another tablet or tablet fragment.