Monday, September 20, 2010

Mare Nostrum

I finally broke down and bought the Disposeable Heros PDF supplement for the Italians. It is called Mare Nostrum. I have already bought a pile of Bolt Action WWII Italian paratroopers. Iron Ivan had a rough list on their Yahoo group to field the paratroopers but took it down when they released their Italian supplement.
Thanks to Chuckaroo (who sent me a link to the new Italian Paratrooper models being released by Warlord Games) I have been bitten by the Italian bug again. I will eventually be getting one of the sniper teams, a few of the mortar teams, and probably some of the flamethrower troops. I already have a bunch of the basic paratroopers with rifles, smgs and lmgs, a bunch of paras with german weapons, a couple heavy machine gun teams and a Semovente 75/18 self propelled gun.
My plan is to set down with the new list and organize my models and see exactly what I can field and figure the points of the models I have on hand. Once I do this I will figure what models I need to get to field at least one thousand points and maybe a little more.

More later

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