Thursday, September 30, 2010

Revenge in Yunnan

Deep in the hinterlands of Yunnan Province

Major Von Kraken marched with his reinforcements. His last force had taken heavy casualties and he had reorganized the survivors into a unified infantry command. He sent a messenger to the General that reported that McFly and his French were still at large and headed deeper into China. The General's response had been quick and a fresh platoon of his elite Dare To Die assault troops and two prototype Czech LT38 tanks from his mysterious employers. Soon after they arrived another scout brought word of McFlys location. Von Kraken issued orders and his troops moved out.
Kraken marched with the Dare to Die troops into the edge of a war ravaged colonial complex. McFly had been spotted on the other side and Kraken hoped to use the ruined buildings for cover.
Following Kraken's orders, the Chinese field gun and heavy machine gun set up on a wooded hill.
While the rest of the Chinese Infantry spread out and begin to infiltrate into the buildings.

Unknown to Von Kraken. McFly had marshaled his forces on the other side of the colonial buildings. He had also received reinforcements, including another French Infantry Platoon and a Renault R39 tank.

On the other flank McFly had positioned a second Renault R39 and a Schneider P16 armored car.

Taking cover behind some woods, McFly directs the French gunners were to position their heavy machine guns and field piece.

The Chinese LT38 acquires the second R39! They shoot and miss.

The Chinese Infantry Charge into the complex! They run into a murderous cross fire from the hidden French troops.
After taking fire from the French tanks the LT38 fires again and brews up the R39.

Von Kraken recognizes more of the stones with strange hieroglyphics. They are why McFly came here! The giant stones and their inscriptions could be another clue that would put them another step closer to finding one of Hippocrates' Golden Tablets. Von Kraken ordered the Dare to Die commander to capture the stones. The Dare to Die troops move up cautiously using the LT38 tanks as cover.

French troops move up using the surviving R39 tank as cover. They move into the building and fire at the advancing Chinese.

More french troops move past the burning R39, headed into the complex.

The Dare to Die troops move up to the French occupied building and assault! After a bloody fight the Chinese defeat the French.

The Chinese Infantry attack falters, as the survivors take cover in the center building and the woods behind the tall building. The closest LT38 trades shots with the Schneider P16 while the second LT38 maneuvers to get a shot at the surviving French R39.

The LT38 loses the gunnery duel as the R35 hits it and brews it up.

The remaining Dare to Die Squads swarm the captured building, while another squad races up through the shell holes in the center of the complex.

French troops pinned down behind the R39 make a run for it.

The Chinese in the captured building fire on the French who lose their cool and flee for the hills.

The Dare to Die troops in the shell holes take heavy fire and decide to Charge! They head toward the R39 but opportunity fire downs the last man.

The Dare to Die troops move up. Some secure the building while one squads moves up to try and assault the surviving R39.
McFly looked across the battlefield. The Chinese had secured the building and reinforced it. His troops were willing the try and cross the road but he knew it would be a suicide charge. The Chinese had a few light machine guns and a pile of submachineguns in that building and were digging in like Alabama ticks. His orders were to copy the hieroglyphs but it wasn't going to happen. He looked over at the French troops. Most of them were veterans of the war, had already fixed bayonets and waited for the order to charge into the Chinese guns. He turned to the French commander and ordered him to Withdraw the troops.
Major Von Kraken watched as the French withdrew in good order. The Chinese Infantry had paid the price in blood. The Dare to Die troops had carried the day but the loss of the LT38 was a hard hit. His employers would not be happy about the tank but that is what happens in war. Von Kraken looked at the Chinese bodies splayed across the battlefield and decided that if he had more victories like this he would end up losing everything. He stared at the giant stones and wondered if they were worth the lives spent to control them.
This was a game of Disposable Heroes Played by Chuckaroo, Steve J. Jerry W and Myself. Chuckaroo and Steve J fielded the French using the Futile Gallantry Supplement While Jerry W and myself field the Chinese from Red Sun, Red Death Supplement.
I had a lot of fun and it was refreshing for a tank with a 37mm gun to be the meanest thing on a battlefield.
Check back for the Next Instalment of the Prospector Bob Saga.


sonsoftaurus said...

This series needs a race to escape in a biplane.

ColKillgore said...

There were a couple of Biplane dogfights early in the Prospector Bob Quest. If you care to check the post on 29Dec07. This is the one were I cross posted all the PBQ from Cybetuna's Forum to here. These Dogfights were where Sly McFly was first introduced.

Chuckaroobob said...

I'm telling ya, I'd enjoy these reports a lot more if I were on the winning side every once and awhile. Didn't you guys promise to let me win this game?