Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tanksgiving at PBKW

On 21 Nov 09 I went with the Basement of Heaped Miniatures Regulars down to the Catawba gamers "Tanksgiving" flames of war event. It was held in Cornelius at Parker Banner Kent and Wayne game store. It is a mass game centered around the players fielding mostly tanks. We played a Midwar game and had a mostly Soviet verses german with a couple of British and Chuckaroobob as the single American player.

Here is an over view of the table deployment set up. With some of the BOHM regulars at the table next to the wall.
Jody Pleasent the head of the Catawba Historical Gaming and organizer of the event at PBKW.

The Germans move first and a unit of Panther tanks line up across the table from my Kv-1s.

The Panthers fire. One destroyed Kv-1s and three bailed out.

One Kv-1s recrews and the two active tanks head for cover in the center of the table with a company of Grant tanks. Hidden in the trees are my two Su- 152s with a litle surprise waiting for the Panthers.

The upper side of the table at the end of turn one.

German Airstrike hits the armored spearhead and destroy nothing.

Russian counter airstrike knocks out one Panther.

Two turns later and two more Panthers knocked out by my Su-152s. Of course they had knocked out one of the Su-152s but that is war.

The highlight of my game is when the leader of the panther unit failed his Motivation and retreated off the board. I was kind of stunned but it had to happen sooner or later. We played a final turn before breaking for supper and the game ended with the allies ambushing tons of tanks and taking the game by a healthy 12 point margin.
It was another great day of gaming sponsored by the Catawba Gamers.

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Chuckaroobob said...

I thought it was a pretty good game, and not just because I was on the winning side. The Catawba Lads are a good bunch, we should go down there more often. Don't forget Dec's after dinner game is Early War FoW! Be there or be hyperbolic!
Say, did you notice how the W-S lads all stuck together? It's almost as if gamers are a clique-ish bunch or something.