Thursday, December 3, 2009

Progress on the Minos

The Minos is nearer to completion. I would have had the hull sides on but I ran out of contact cement and the super glue bled through the paper too much. The only real complaints with the kit so far is that some of the parts needed to be a bit larger and some of the double sided printed sheets were just a bit off. The flip side is some of the pieces were too big but you can trim a piece to fit and the misprinted parts can be touched up with a bit of paint. I finally finished painting the portholes and hatchways. Most were horribly cast and filing them to some sort of normal shape had held up assembly of the hull. The next real hurdle is going to be the rigging. No plans for that in the kit. It is going to be all guess work from the few pictures in the instructions. I am still trying to figure out exactly which bits and bobs go where.

Soon it will take to the gaming waters.


Chuckaroobob said...

The boat is frikkin' beeootiful! You must have some nautical blood flowing in your veins.

And have I got a surprise for your Chinese Warlord figs! They might just freak out entirely. C'ya, Charles

ColKillgore said...

The progress continues. I am down to a few more pieces to asemble them finish the other metal bits, the rigging and the crew.

Chuckaroobob said...

Hi Kids, Just took delivery of the Minos and I'm here ta tell ya, that boat is just awe inspiring! Scott did a heck of a job putting that baby together. We're planning a pulp game for next weekend (hmmmm, should it be at the Cage?) to try out our sea legs. And maybe next summer: Gallipoli! Where the Minos will play the part of the steamer River Clyde and hit the beach with the lads!