Saturday, December 19, 2009

From the Workbench

Here are a few pictures of models in progress on my Painting table.

Her are a few I am painting for my friend Tuna. The Executioner has the forgeworld turret and is actually finished. The Valkyries need a bit more work but I should have them finished soon.
A close shot of the Executioner for a better look.

A Great Unclean One, one of the Greater Daemons of Nurgle. This model has been in the bits box for several years. I picked it up from a friend of my with a bunch of plaguemarine and nurgle bits. He had bit ordered a bunch of stuff for another acquaintance and the guy never showed to get the bits. I decided to build this one to add to my nurgle apocalypse forces and maybe in a chaos daemon army.

The one short coming of the model was it was missing the tip of its tongue but a quick pick from a chaos mutation sprue and voila new tongue tip.

A side shot to show some of the join detail. A simple tongue swap to make the model unique.

Here is a forgeworld Vindicator kit I have assembled as a Death Guard chaos vindicator. Another addition to my apocalypse Death Guard force. When I get this finished it will give me two chaos vindicators and three imperial vindicators for one hell of a Line Breaker Squadron

A close up of the pintle gunner. I used a Plague Marine head to help blend in with the army theme.

Another close up of the gunner. I joined the Plague marine head into the gunner torso, added a Death Guard shoulder pad and converted the combi-flamer to a combi-melta. I really like the combi-melta. They always knock out the demolisher cannon but the combi-melta still makes them worry.

Another close up with a better view of the combi-melta conversion. I used the combi-flamer bit that comes with the chaos vehicle sprue. I cut off the bottom tank and the flamer barrel. I them added a drilled out piece of sprue for the melta muzzle. I finished it by using green stuff to make the barrel, add the muzzle detail and turn the flamer fuel tank to a melta tank.

Another oldie but goldie an Imperial Guard Landspeeder. It is destined to join my Adeptus mechanicus Guard army once it is finished.

A side view of the IG Speeder. I received the model in a trade and it was missing its original plasma cannon. I originally added a multimelta but with the release of the new guard codex giving sentinels a plasma cannon I swapped it with an old Ork heavy plasma gun. The ork gun is bulkier than the old imperial plasma cannon but I now I can field it in my Adeptus Mechanicus army in a regular game as a sentinel.

This is a bubblegum machine Mecha that I am planning on fielding as a 15mm Weird World War Two unit. My plan is to use it as a proxy unit in my flames of war army but I haven't decided which unit it will represent.

Her are a couple test models I have been working on. I think they will become part of a veteran squad once i build a few more. I was inspired to try the conversion by an Adeptua Arbite unit I saw online. the guy had converted the lasguns to look more like H&K MP5 submachineguns and did a great job of it. My Las carbine conversion is a piece of styrene rod as the muzzle and two pieces of styrene strip glued together with a little green stuff to make the magazine. The other is a shotgun. I cut off the barrel of the las gun at the front site and drilled it out to make a shotgun sized muzzle. I then cut off the lasgun magazine, trimmed down a boltpistol magazine and glued it in place. A touch of green stuff and a new combat shotgun.

These are a couple catachan officer that I am painting up to join my Adeptus Mechanicus guard army

Some mystery men models but they are rogue trader Commissars that I have stripped, rebuilt and reprimed. Several of them had stormbolters and had to have a weapon swap to be legal under the new codex.

These are a couple Mummies I have been painting up for some Pulp goodness. I just have to finish the bases and they are ready to go. I also plan to double duty them as proxy Wraiths on my warhammer Vampire Counts army.

This is Nog the Minotaur pirate. It is a Reaper model that I have repaired the broken horn and converted the sword from a cutlass it came with to a minotaur sized Rapier. The model is based on a npc character from my old Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying group. The group had taken a Minotuar captive. They named it Nog and proceeded to bring it into the light of civilization by fighting in pit fights. It was an interesting addition to the game. It was always trouble having inside a town even if they did have him chained up or hidden in a wagon but out in the countryside he was always a surprise for a bunch of adventurers to have a pet minotaur. They eventually taught him how to use a rapier and entered him in the Middenheim minotuar fights were he went undefeated. Eventually the player retired several characters and Nog went with the to the west and the ocean.
I imagine this as the later Nog. Separate from the restraints of his companions and now the leader of a cutthroat band of corsairs. You can take the Minotaur out of the savage forest but no matter how much you beat him, make him wear clothes and not eat people, you can't take the savage out of the Minotuar.

A couple more Rogue Trader Models. These are two Keepers of Secrets that are greater Daeamons of Slaannesh. I have had these models since I started playing warhammer long ago. I recently stripped them and then reassembled them. I was going to use them to go with the Eldar Harlequin Solitaire data sheet Matt P made for Apocalypse games. The basic premise is that whenever the solitaire is killed a Keeper of Secrets shows up to take its soul, but this is a trick and the solitaire returns the next turn. Si as long as you have spare keeper of secrets to solitaire can return every turn.

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