Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flames of War in the Basement of Heaped Minis

Hi Kids, To celebrate the long weekend we had some longer than normal gaming going on. In total we played 3 games of FoW with 7 total players, anywhere from 1500 point mid war to 4000 pt late war stuff.

Once again I was saddened to see nothing lighter than 50 tons in the German forces, and once again the Hun players dug in on their starting positions and waited for their opponents to give them all the advantages of cover, entrenchments, and stationary rate of fire. They didn't even have to start their tanks' engines until turn 5 or so. Am I crazy or was the German army famous for aggressive tactics? Did they just sneak across the border, dig in at the first crossroads and wait for the defenders to try to eject them? It would've taken 40 years to reach the Channel coast, so I get the notion that they used slightly more manuevering.

But that's just me.


ColKillgore said...

What can you say about a bunch of sausage eating winos camping in their holes waiting for the allies to steamroll them. Chuckaroo you know that five tigers and two AA halftracks can only cover so much table and they have to stay near terrain so they can use a cowardly stormtrooper move to hide.

sonsoftaurus said...

That's what you get for playing Late War! Break out those Early War Char B1's vs. PzKpfw 38s!

Plus, maybe the German players were just roleplaying fuel shortages and didn't want to waste too much cruising around.