Sunday, November 8, 2009

Apoc-Eclipse at The TechShop

The Battle begins with The Xenos Attackers taking the first turn.
My stroke of genius, deep striking my vypers, ended with two destroyed by Interceptor guns and one mishap destroying the third one.
A scatter into difficult terrain but it survived.
Imperial backfield with a defence in depth, or they ran out of room to put models.
The Eldar air force buzzes the tower.
My pathfinders before,
And after.
Ulthwe farseers deploy their wraith gate. On a hobby note the wraith gate is made from one half of a 2007 Lifesaver Christmas ornament ball, painted black.
The Manta moves in
the Harlequin jetbikes arrive from the titan mover to storm the Starport.
The Phantom titans arrive via the activated titan mover.
Close Up of the three Amigos.
The Harlequins attack the Dark Angels devastator squad.
The Cloud Strike squadron in the Imperial back field.
The Tau Flying Circus
The Shadow Sword before,
And after the concentrated Xenos fire, with a Coup de gras by A Tempest tank.
Gap left in Imperial defensive line and Space marines after round of heavy Xenos fire.
Star Dragon sees the field for the first time.
Overview from the Imperial side.
Imperial Left flank defenses all but destroyed.
The Wraith lords attack the Star port and put it out of action.
Robert's Reavers buzzed by a Night wing.
Reaver Targets the Dark Phantom.
The Thunderhawk arrives and target the Tempest tank.
The Titanium Duke warhound reinforces the Imperial left.
Baharroth's tempest arrives at the feet of a Reaver titan.
The Harlequins assault the Dark Angels Masters of the Chapter.
Ground view from the Xenos side.
The Harlequins continue to whittle down the Dark Angels masters of the Chapter

The surviving Harlequin troupe master.
The Dark Angels Death Knell formation lands on the star port to contest the objective.
Tau Manta overflies the warhounds Titanium Duke and Strontium Dog
End game Imperial left.

The worst dice roll in the game. Steve rolled seven ones to wound with a heavy flamer shot.

Unfortunately the game was called at the end of the third turn When we realized that there wouldn't be enough time for a full fourth turn. So this ended with an Imperial win. I was a little disappointed but i had a good time and saw a bunch of really amazing models.

Some highlights were the Tempests bagging a shadow sword and both surviving their first time on the field, The Phantom titan burning up a whole bunch of space marines and the Ulthwe farseer surviving everything the imperial could throw at them and only losing one model. Some bad highlight was the vyper scattering off table. the Solitaire not making it to the table because of deep strike mishap and the Harlequin bikers killed in the explosion after the wraithlords destroyed the star port.

I can't wait for the next one tentatively planned for March 2010.


sonsoftaurus said...

Lots of great pics! Glad you had a good time. I had no idea you had any Eldar, much less so much!

ColKillgore said...

I have been collecting them up since rogue trader days and then I went through a phase of every unit in the codex during third edition. Matt P has posted up a bunc more pics in the gallery on his Apoc-Eclipse website. their is a link for it on the front page of this blog.

Chuckaroobob said...

Hi Kids, You know, it almost makes me want to play 40K again. Almost. Failing that, I might have to slap some paint on a few more superheavies or a titan. Decisions, decisions....
C'ya, Charles

ColKillgore said...

Chuckaroo the titans are calling. The say"Paint ME, I want to slay for the Imperium and I need three colors of paint to participate."

The next game is tentatively in March 2010, so you have plaenty of time to get them up to speed.