Saturday, May 21, 2011

Catachans versus Nurgle Daemon Bomb

I invited Big Roy over for some 40k gaming at Casa De Killgore a week or so ago. I ramped up my Catachan 40k League list to 1500 points and he brought his Nurgle Chaos marines. We rolled Pitched Battle and Seize Ground. I won the roll and chose to go first.

My list was
Company Command
Officer with a Bolter
four sniper rifles

Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command
Officer with Bolter
2 flamers 1 grenade launcher

Infantry Squad 1
Sgt bolt pistol & power weapon
Commissar Power weapon

Infantry squad 2
Sgt Bolt Pistol & Power Weapon

Heavy Weapon Squad
3 Missile launchers

Special Weapon Squad
Demo Charge, Flamer, Grenade launcher

Veteran Squad
Demo Charge, 1 shotgun, Heavy Flamer, 2 Melta guns
Vet Sgt

Scout Sentinel Squadron
2 Sentinels with auto cannons

Strormtrooper Squad
2 plasma guns

Hydra Flak Tank battery
2 Hydra Flak Tanks

Armoured Sentinel Squadron
2 Armoured sentinels with plasma cannons

Ordnance Battery
2 Griffons

Ogryn Squad with 4 models

Guardsman Marbo

Big Roys list had

A Nurgle Chaos Sorcerer

2 7 model Plague Marine squads with a plasma gun

2 Rhino mounted seven man plague marine squads with a champ and a flamer

4 seven model lesser daemon squads

I stared to deploy my Troops

On the left flank I placed the two hydras and my proxy griffons.

The rest of my deployment. The two Imperial guard land speeders in the foreground are proxies for the Armoured Sentinels with plasma cannons. Above them is the Infantry platoon blob. In front of the Blob is the ogryn squad and above them is the Vet squad. Behind the Vets are the Company commander and the missile launcher squad. Finally the special weapon squad is hiding behind the ruins the objective is in. I outflanked with the scout sentinels and prepared to deep strike the Stormtroopers. Later I noticed that i had forgot to place the Platoon command on the table so they walked on from reserve later in the game.

Big Roy Deploys. The two plague marine squad on foot are the plasma gun only squads while the Sorcerer rides with a Plague marine squad in the top rhino and the other rhino hides behind a hill for cover.

I have my master plan ready when it happens, Big Roy seizes the initiative and goes first. It appears that I didn't take picture of Big Roy's first move. He moved up one plague marine squad in the middle and moved up both Rhinos behind cover.
Then my turn I mover up the sentinels The ogryns and the Blob. Then comes the storm,I hit the rhino and the Sorcerer gets out after it is destroyed by my missile launchers.

His second turn he summons a lesser daemon squad.

Then another on my right flank,

And a third one in the center.

In his shooting phase he tries a Doom bolt from his sorcerer and succeeds but take a perils of the warp wound from his snake eyes roll.

My Second turn. The Stormtroopers arrive and plasma a couple plague marines but one Storm trooper dies to a plasma over heat.

Then Combined fire from the vets and special weapon squad wipes out the lesser daemon squad. This cleared the line of sight for the missile launcher squad and they fired at the Sorcerer led plague marine squad. The three Missile launchers fired and all three hit!

Then I rolled three ones to wound.

The lesser daemons ended up too far away to assault so the ogryns opened up with their ripper guns shooting down five of the seven.

Big Roy's Turn Three. His sorcerer summoned up some portable cover to protect him from the storm trooper's plasma.

The plague marines move up and fire bolt pistols into the blob.

The Lesser daemons kill off the stormtroopers while another squad of lesser daemons fights the special weapon squad and the heavy weapon squad.

The Catachans lose and both squads fall back.

My Turn Three. The Hydras take aim at a lesser daemon squad.

Trooper "Own Goal" Marbo arrives and throws his demo charge up in the air. He gets one plague marine and kills himself.

The Ogryns join the center melee.

The Hydras wipe out the lesser daemon squad. (Oops, I seem to have the picture out of order.)

The plague marines win the round and the Ogryns run. So much for stubborn. They would continue to run off the board.

The scout sentinels arrive fire up the lesser daemons and then charge them. This draw them off of my objective.

The Sorcerer and Company Commander duel over my objective.

The Blob loses again and the Commissar is forced to rally them his favorite way. I really missed the power weapon attacks the sergeant took with him. Despite throwing nine power weapon attack each round I could not roll a six to wound the entire combat.

I haven't really mentioned it but the Griffons really did a good job once I moved them into range. By deploying them On the far flank they were out of range of the enemy charging my objective. I ended up trying to make an end run for Big Roy's objective but he blocked it with a rhino. So I rammed it. I wasn't really up to speed on the ramming rule and it ended up doing nothing.

Endgame the blob is down to a sergeant, commissar and one trooper. after the game was over we rolled to see how long they would last and they didn't survive another round of combat.

End game the Sorcerer claims my objective. Bad day for the Catachans.

Somethings I decided after the game.

I am going to add a Regimental standard to my company command squad. The ability to re roll morale tests could have saved me the special weapon squad and the heavy weapon squad.

I will be adding two Griffons to my league army. They did well in the game and now I have a better understanding how I should deploy them next time.

The Ogryns did well but still ran off the board. They are still a maybe for adding to my League army.

The same goes for the Armoured Sentinels. Big Roy kept them stunned for most of the game so they didn't do as well as I hoped. They are still a possibility to add when the league goes up to higher points.

I had a good time and look forward to the next time Big Roy can make a game.



sonsoftaurus said...

Looks like it was a fun game!

I agree regimental standards are great for foot armies, especially with HWTeams. Operating close to your own board edge, a break is as good as gone.

ColKillgore said...

Failed Morale tests cost me alot in the game and I want to try and improve my chances next go round.