Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Catachans Verses Blood Angels (sort of)

My second League Game of the day was Against John B and his Blood Angels.

His 1000 point list consisted of
A Librarian with jump pack
A death company squad with jump packs
A death company dreadnought
A Librarian dreadnought
An Assault squad
a Razorback
A tactical squad in a rhino

We rolled for scenario and got Dawn of War and seize ground. We rolled and got five objectives. I won the roll for first turn and choose to go first. I deployed my Vet squad, the command sniper squad in the top of a bastion and the Heavy weapon squad. John brought on his Librarian, in a death company squad and his death company dreadnought.

I moved the Hydras on a drew a bead on the Death Company Dreadnought. I rolled the night fight and got an eleven. So thirty three inch spotting range and the dread was only thirty two inches away. I light up the dread with my spot light and then fire both hydras. I hit with all eight shots after re rolls and immobilized it.

The immobile Death company dread (even though it looks like a Chaos dreadnought)

Turn two my Sentinels come in and outflank behind the Dreadnought Librarian. They hit with all four shots and destroy the Librarian Dread. On the other side of the table my Vet squad moves up and tosses its Demo Charge onto the Death Company and Librarian. It hits on target and kills all of them. The Hydras then open up on his razorback. After the re rolls they hit with all eight shots again and destroy the Razorback.

That leaves John with an assault squad and a tac squad in a rhino. I have everything in my army ready to go. I have six troop choices to control objectives to his two. I have yet to drop Marbo on the board and the special weapon squad is closing on his models with its demo charge.

John decided to concede the game. Another win for the Catachans. I felt kind of bad but since it was John B, it didn't last long.

The Hydra's did well again but the Demo charge was the straw that broke the camels back.

This game gives me two wins for the 1000 point third round. I want to get some more games in before this round is over.


Bryan said...

Very nice my friend!

ColKillgore said...

Hey Bryan

Next time you see John-boy ask him about the game. I am sure he will give a balanced un-biased account of the game.