Thursday, January 7, 2010

Surprise Game of Flames of War

Hi Kids, We had a surprise game of FoW in the BoHM, one of the lads was feeling masochistic and decided he wanted to fight three other guys. He took 4500pts of late war Huns while the other three took 1500pts each; two Russian and one American. Here are two shots of the final stages of the game, the US and USSR are finally battering their way into the city. They've taken one objective and are on the way to the Ultimate Objective in the railroad yard. It was a pretty good game but by the time it was over (2am) I was definitely ready for a break. I think the Allies took something like 50-70% casualties, the Huns about the same, although the Allies still had some tanks and infantry left, the Huns were down to Infantry, and a few halftracks and guns.
Conclusion: Start games earlier. I mean it this time.

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