Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Hobby Review

2009 was a good year of gaming for me. I didn't get near as much painting done as previous years but I did finish several projects.

On the gaming side I played in the January and November mega Apocalypse games put on by Matt P and the Apoc-Eclipse gaming group. I played in a 40k league using my Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard army and did reasonably well. I also joined in a Mordheim league fielding a Tilean warband. It was a real nostalgic treat to breakout the Mordheim rules and figures for some games. Along with Chuckaroobob, we played a series of .45 adventure Pulp games adding to the Prospector Bob story. I played a bunch of Flames of war and a smattering of other games. One great year for gaming.

The local gaming scene had several changes with two store closings, The Castle in Greensboro and Underground games in Charlotte. On the good side there has been a change of management at the Hobbytown in Greensboro and are more gamer friendly including hosting gaming again. I have also been to Parker,Banner,Kent and Wayne in Cornelius gaming several times. the best thing is that the GameOn Gw club has arranged for a warehouse gaming space for general use. they usually have Bi-monthly gaming weekends and had another games day this year.

I finished several projects. I finished painting my three 28mm scale Plaguetowers to a good table standard and fielded them in the Apoc-Eclipse gaming clubs January Apocalypse game. I finished my Necromunda Delague ganger heavy weapon platoon in time for the new imperial guard codex release to drop the option to field them as a unit. Nevertheless, there is always room for eleven lascannons in an imperial guard army. One project I really enjoyed was scratch building a 28mm scale machine gun to add to my Italian semovente self-propelled gun. I also finished the Reviresco Minos tramp freighter for Chuckaroobob. I was beginning to doubt I would finish it but with the help of the wife and her scrapbooking skills it was completed. One disappointment was returning Steve Jones' Highlanders without finishing their kilts. I painted them to a good table top standard but couldn't get the Black watch kilts to look right.

For Current projects, I am working on the Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard, the Deathguard/Nurgle Daemons and 28mm WWII Italian Paratroopers. On the back burner are some Cygnar for Warmachine and a stack of pulp figures. I have yet to finish Glen W's Tyranids but with the impending codex release, I may end up rebuilding some of the models anyway. I finished everything for Tuna except for a few odds and ends figures but when he picked up the last batch of figures he said he would have more for me later on.

For Future Projects I may have to break out my Tyranids after I get a good look at the new codex. I am planning to build some 40k scale Nurgle Contagions for Apocalypse games. I have been planning the build and I want to build at least three and maybe more. I have also been following several forum threads about scratch building Blight Drones and I might try my hand at a few of them too.

The painting total for the year was Ninety-Nine models. A sad drop from the over three hundred of the last couple years. The Numbers break down to thirty seven models painted for me and sixty two models for other people.


Chuckaroobob said...

Hiya Kids, Yep, it was a pretty productive year for me. I painted 770 figs and bought 735. At this rate I will be totally caught up in 396 years! Yahoo! I'm going to try to paint the living crap out of my lead pile this year, and really curtail purchasing. In fact, I'm really not sure if I'll need to buy much of anything. Although I'm sure I'll end of buying loads of stuff, I always do. I've already purchased some FoW 15mm tanks and guns, and what is it, the 4th? Eye-yi-yi...

ColKillgore said...

Welcome back from the Great White North Chuckaroo.

770? That is barely more than 2 models a day. When are you going to ramp up production and crank out 3 painted models a day for a year?

sonsoftaurus said...

Hope this year is even better!

I had a pretty good year game-wise. Had some folks over here for regular games and for the campaign, Battle Barn, couple of times to the Cage, some stuff recently at Hobbytown.

Got some things painted, finished my Orks up. Still way behind on my schedule, but better than it could have been!