Monday, January 4, 2010

Contagion Setback

Well, I set up my resin casting kit and started making some 15mm Opel blitz trucks and some more nurgle wheels for the contagion project when disaster struck. The nurgle wheel mold cracked after only casting up two more wheels of the planned 18 needed for three contagions.
All is not all lost, I still have the master and after a few touch ups I made another mold that is curing as I type. I have made this one a bit thicker on the bottom to avoid cracking issues this time around. I also have a mold for 15mm German half tracks curing. Once they cure I will get out a few test casts.
I need a bunch of half tracks for my planned German Flames of War army and if the mold is good I can trade some around to the rest of the lads.


sonsoftaurus said...

I wonder if you could cast the parts in a resin set up to be bubbly and some of the Nurglification for you...

ColKillgore said...

I try to avoid the bubbly and imperfect when casting. I can always add that later with greenstuff.