Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rise Of the Plague Towers

I played a few more league games at the Castle in Greensboro. A rematch against John Bay's Empire knights with me winning this time around, a loss to Scot Tolbert's Chaos Daemons and a loss to Chris Hollowell's Empire.
I had to pull an oncall week so missed out on the second weekend of the league cycle and an Apocalypse game put on by Tuna at Underground games in Charlotte. The worse part is I stayed around the house and didn't get a call all weekend, but I did get to work on my three Plague Tower models. I finished sculpting the faces on one and I think the other two will go faster. I have decided to sculpt one wheel and then cast them in resin. My original plan was to build 48 wheels from sport drink caps. With the help of the boys at the shop I collected up enough caps to do it. It was a good idea but I think that sculpting one wheel and making copies will actually allow me to get them on the field by the next Apocalypse game in August.

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