Monday, May 26, 2008

More Paratroopers

The rest of the Italian paratroopers and the Semovete sp gun arrived last Friday. I ended up calling Brigade games earlier last week to see what was taking so long for the models to arrive and found out the Semovete was back ordered but Lon found one in back stock and shipped out the order. I haven't set down and organized the models yet but I will probably build the Semovete first.
I have been building more ogre bulls to add to my warhammer league army. I went to the Castle yesterday and played 3 games with one loss and 2 wins. The first game was against John Bays and his Empire Knights for a loss. It was a fun game and I plan to write up a battle report. The second game was against Nick Boylan and his Wood Elves. He shot down one unit of Bulls but I smashed the rest of his band. A win for me. The last game was against Tyler Barnett and his Tzentch Chaos Daemons. He had a ton of magic against my 2 dispel dice so I figured it would be a quick game with me losing, but it I ended up winning. A lone bull survivor charged his big unit of horrors and killed the herald leading it with cut down his magic. Then he miscast killing 6 of his own horrors, and finally I hit his unit with the hunter, the gorger and a 3 ogre bulls. A couple of rounds of combat later they were done. He only had 3 horrors left on the table so we called the game. He was undefeated for 5 games before we played and was worried that his army was too cheesy. It was the best game of the day but it is always better when you win a game you think you are going to lose.

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