Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Italian Paratroopers arrive

The first batch of figures has arrived. I received the Paratroopers with HMGs and German weapons along with the Handschar heads from Bolt action in England first. I called Brigade games yesterday asking when the rest of the models were sent out, and found out they haven't shipped yet. This morning though I had an email from Lon at Brigade Games that the package was in the mail and I should see it soon.
I signed up for the Warhammer League and finally decided to play Ogre Kingdoms. I plan to use my Golfang's ogres models and swap them out as I build the regular ogre bulls. My 500pt army is a hunter lead war band with two units of bulls, a pack of gnoblar trappers and a gorger. I found all the models and have assembled the gorger. I didn't like the pose of the gorger so I added enough green stuff and did a little sculpting to get it were I wanted it.
I picked up The New Daemon Armybook and Codex, along with a box of the new Bloodletters and Daemonettes. The books are cool and the models are snazzy.

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