Sunday, April 27, 2008

Visit to the Castle

I went by the Castle today to watch part of the RTT tourney they had going on. I didn't really watch any games but I did catch up with my gaming buddies. I picked up a corpse cart for my vampire count army and some of the GW foundation paints to see how they work. I talked a while to Chuckaroobob about several of the ongoing historical projects and we might play another game soon. I saw Patrick for the first time in quite a while but he has been too busy with school and exams to get in any good gaming. Scott tolbert is planning an escalation league and want to try and play in it. I just have to decide on an army to play. I think I picked up some inspiration and really want to try and start doing some painting.
I am still debating about picking up the Italian paratroopers and now some german stormtroopers for WWI and pulp games.

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