Sunday, April 20, 2008

Settling In

We finally got power and are moved into the new house. The Hobbyroom is shaping up but I haven't been able to get my desk set back up to paint.
I went down to Games HQ in Charlotte and played in a 56k of 40k Apocalypse game. I ended Up fielding My Phantom Titan, a Nightspinner, a wraithlord, Magun-Ra and 5 dark reapers in a wave serpent, my friend Jerry's armorcast Revenant titan and tempest tank. I played the tempest as a Scorpion tank. I was on the winning side but we had 11 superheavies to the other sides 3, which made a big difference. the organizer has vowed to even up the super heavies a little better next time around for a little less lopsided game. It still came down to the last turn and we would have lost but it is hard to beat a 900 point seer council camping on a objective. The same player with the seer council that won us the game also cost us 2 objectives. with his last move he landed a fire prism next to an objective that counted as 2 objectives and stopped us from cleaning the enemy off of it because we couldn't target them without hitting him. So he received most valuable player for both sides.
The next Apocalypse game I play in I plan to have a Linebreaker squadron of Vindicator tanks and destroy as many buildings as I can, starting with the biggest building on the opponents side and going down from there.
I have looked over the Datasheet for The Plaguetower and need to finish up my 3 for the next game in a few months.
I have been looking at some 28mm Italian Paratroopers figures and I am thinking about buying up a few squads worth to start a WWII Folgore platoon for disposable heroes.
Back to work putting up shelving.

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