Thursday, April 30, 2015

Just when you thought it was safe... Pax Limpopo!

Hi Kids,

Yep, just to show everyone it's not all ultra-serious hardcore monster games like "Le Bataille de Whatever,"  "Highway to the Reich," or double blind "Flattop," those Monday night lads sometimes let their hair down and dig up the weirdest stuff imaginable. This should really come as no surprise from the lads who brought you "A Fistful of Turkeys" and "Globbo" con games!  (Converted to miniatures of course!)  Last week it was the ole "Pax Limpopo" game "Pig Tickler" from Eureka Miniatures.  Its a game of Lancers riding unicycles chasing a steam powered pig all over the map.  Of course, the pig can fight back, and there's an ump and a stoker to get in the way and interfere as much as the other players can make them!

Your humble correspondent was the manager of one team, and managed to crush the competition by a 10 point spread!  I owe it all to my time riding a Yamaha V-Max motorcycle! My opponent failing to activate 3 turns in a row might have had a very slight effect on the game too.  You never know...

All this stuff came in a numbered box signed by Nic and Dave. I'm telling ya, those lads at Eureka can come up with some awe-inspiring stuff when they have a mind to do so.  I might just have to paint my all my Eureka dinosaurs! And I still have my "Native Women With Chicken on Head" miniatures too, if the Basement ever decides to reveal their whereabouts.

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Mordian7th said...

Hah! That's awesome. :)