Saturday, March 28, 2015

Catawba Gamers Action @ Parker, Banner, Kent & Wayne Store

 Hi Kids, Last Saturday was the monthly historical gameday for the Catawba Gamers group, this time Brian brought out his 1:72 Napoleonics for some 200 year old replays!  The Frogs are on the left, all Imperial Guard (!), the good guys (Russians) were on the right.  From that unbiased remark I'm sure you all know which side I was on! To win the Frogs had to capture the hill under the rules, while the Pre-Commies had to capture the bridge near the table edge. Rules: Black Powder.
 A close up of the Frog starting positions. The Young Guard in the foreground was rated as inexperienced.
 The Good Guys!  My Russians are on the left, Patrick's are on the right.
 As soon as the dice allow, the Prussians enter from the south edge.  Gary rolled on at the first opportunity, making a huge difference in the game! "Old Forwards" lived up to the name!
 The Russians advance towards the town while the Frog Cavalry climbs the hill, after fighting off two units of Russian Dragoons.
 In a brief interlude, I sneak over to the other tables and spot an Early War FOW game, using those massive T-35's!
 And massive numbers of T-26's too!  The best of both worlds!  There was also a game of "Song of Drums and Shakos" going on, and a few 40k'ers!  And about 30 Magic gamers.  WoooooHoooooo!
 Meanwhile, the action is getting tense! The Frogs have taken the hill, and the Russian main force has been encircled from that flank!  It's temporary, as the Russians detach some units and shoot the Frog cav down. In the distance the Prussian threat draws near!
 After a double blunder command roll, two Russian units fall back a full move! the Frog Old Guard closes in!  Skirmishers out!
 The Prussians swing up from the south at full speed!
 Prussian Cav take the bridge!  The Old Guard arty takes an interest, but its too little too late! The Russian side wins big!
 The after dinner game was the best rules ever written, God's Chosen Ruleset: "Disposable Heroes" in 15mm!  Yes, we all know its not the One True Scale, but ya can't have everything!  A german delaying action in the hedgerows of Normandy.  About 4 squads of US infantry try to push through 2 squads of Huns.  Naturally, the Huns had some machine guns and suitcases full of ammo!
The US players all swarm over the wide open spaces on one side of the map, trying to stay in cover but moving forward as fast as their little 15mm legs can carry them!  Although both sides lost about the same (12 guys) the US players managed to carry the day, the Huns are just too thin and the board too large for them to swing other defenders to the decisive point!

A great day was had by all!  The Catawba Gamers meet every third Saturday of the month at the "Parker, Banner, Kent & Wayne" store in Cornelius NC, and post on their yahoogroup what games will be set up. More games, more gamers, more better! So why aren't the rest of you kids turning up?

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