Saturday, October 6, 2007

About Prospector Bob's Quest

My friends and I have been running a series of games using several different rulesets but linked together by a Pulpish background with several recurring characters, The main one being the hero Prospector Bob. The games are a little tongue in cheek and we try to make sure that everybody has a good time. We have been posting up the battle reports on but I copied the posts over to MLWOD as a back up. We played a series of VSF games before and posted the reports up there also but one of the mods ended up deleting the posts. I of course didn't save them or print a hard copy so they are all gone now.

The next instalment of Prospector Bob's Quest should be a tabletop wargame with Bob leading a army of Sikh soldiers against Major Von Kracken's stormtrooper mercenaries and their Chinese warlord allies. Alot depends on when I finish painting the Chinese and Charles finishes painting the Sikhs.

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